June balance changes


“Bearers of the word, stand ready.”

– Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers

Balance changes

After the stand-off during the Shadow Crusade, the Word Bearers come back stronger and more determined than ever. They have received the most changes in June’s balance patch. Check out the details!

● Canis Vertex: Start with one less card in hand. Lower Psyker 2 to 1, and cost of Psychic abilities from 3 to 2.
● Tacitus Proctor: Passive ability now gives +1/+1 to adjacent Vehicles, instead of a single random Vehicle.
● Ingethel: Ability now gives a Mark of Chaos and 0/+1 to target.
● Vettranio Shapura: Lower ability cost from 2 to 1.
● Cassian Vaughn: Gain special card ‘The Twice Dead’, with description “Heal 5 to your Warlord and reduce the cost of troops in your hand by 2. Costs 1 after triggering Survivor”.

Raven Guard
● Moradus Squad: Change stats from 6/4 to 5/3.
● Umbra Secundus: Description becomes “Deal 3 damage. The next Raven Guard troop you play gains Flank.”

Word Bearers
● Boradol Squad: Gain “Backlash: Put in play a Signus Acolyte”.
● Dagotal Bikes: Gain “Rally: A random enemy with Stealth loses it”.
● Gorlem Squad: Description becomes “Rally: Put in play a Wounded Zealot. Relentless: Destroy a friendly Infantry and gain Daemonhost twice”.
● Torgal Squad: Description becomes “Unstoppable. Battle Honour: Gain Daemonhost and heal 2”.
● Ashen Circle: Increase Attack from 4 to 5.
● Kurtha Sedd: Gain “Rally: Destroy a friendly Infantry and gain Survivor 2”.● Rongar Squad: Description becomes “Unstoppable. Sacrifice: Put in play two random 2-cost Cultists”.
● Gallek Squad: Gain “Rally: Destroy a friendly Infantry and gain Ward”
● Bargotal Heavy Support: Ability becomes “(2) Deal 4 damage. If target dies, gain Daemonhost”.
● Possessed Marine: Description becomes “Cleave 2. Rally: Gain Daemonhost”.
● Dark Martyr: Increase Attack from 6 to 7.
● Captain-Apostle: Increase Health from 7 to 8.
● Kalim of the Annunake: Increase buff from Rally from +2/0 to +2/+2
● Sor Talgron: Increase stats from 7/7 to 8/8.
● Testamentum Veritas: Increase cost from 1 to 2, and description becomes “Give +1/+1 to your Daemons. If you control no Daemons, put in play a Chaos Spawn”.
● Heralds of Truth: Gain “Draw a card”.
● Fanatical Zeal: Description becomes “Heal 3 to your units. If you control no troops, put in play a random 2-cost Cultist”.
● Razing of Monarchia: Gain “Draw a card”.

“Rust never sleeps.”

– Kelbor-Hal, Fabricator General

Release notes v1.6.8

Update v1.6.8 is now available to download in all platforms. This update prepares the ground for the next events, and brings some bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

● When a warlord dies, all queued effects will now get resolved before finishing the match, making it easier to pull a draw from the jaws of defeat. (Did someone mention Viral Bombs?)
● The Battle Log now shows up to 30 matches, and allows up to 10 of them to be pinned.
● You can now type multiple chat messages on PC/Mac without having to click on the chat each time. Please use responsibly.
● If the game gets stuck in an endless loop saying there is new content to download, the popup will now provide an option to re-download all remote content, which should clear any underlying issues.

● Fixed gameplay error related to auto-attacking troops, which could cause a match to freeze.
● Fixed interaction of Umbra Secundus with Desperate Defence and other cards with similar effect.
● Fixed error when choosing a card while timer is in countdown, which could cause the card choice to happen automatically.
● Fixed bug in certain options of the collection search box.

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