June Season Meta Report


The June ranked season is over and the statistics are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000), and find out how your favourite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity!

“The blood of the weak will oil the blades of the strong.”

Ka’Bandha, Bloodthirster of Khorne

Low Terra

Demi-gods and monsters stalk the ruins of nightmarish Low Terra. The top five most popular warlords made up 26.9% of the meta this season: Ka’Bandha leads the way with a 58% win rate in 8% of games, followed by Raum (56% win rate) in 5.7% of games, Angron (56% win rate) in 5.2% of games, Konrad Curze (58% win rate) in 4.4% of games and, putting up a desperate defence, Sanguinius (56% win rate) in 3.5% of games.

The Great Angel has the backing of several of his loyal brother Primarchs in this season’s top 15 most played warlords, including Jaghatai Khan (52% win rate) in 3% of games, Vulkan (57% win rate) in 2.9% of games, Leman Russ (52% win rate) in 2.2% of games, and Ferrus Manus (51% win rate) in 2.2% of games. 

The traitors are supported by Tacitus Proctor (53% win rate) in 3% of games, Cor’bax Utterblight (55% win rate) in 2.8% of games, Perturabo (52% win rate) in 2.6% of games, Kyriss the Perverse (55% win rate) in 2.4% of games, and Horus (55% win rate) in 2.4% of games. Nerat Kirine is also present in 2.9% of games, and woe to traitors and loyalists alike who run afoul of his 58% win rate.

Altogether the top fifteen most played warlords this season composed 53.1% of the meta. 

Warlords with win rates below 50% made up 8.6% of the meta, and from weakest to strongest include Nemetor (Salamanders), Armillus Dynat (Alpha Legion), Marius Gage (Ultramarines), Shadrak Meduson (Iron Hands), Ingo Pech (Alpha Legion), Targutai Yesugei (White Scars), Ingethel (Chaos), Vicente Sixx (Raven Guard), Magistus Amon (Thousand Sons), Agapito Nev (Raven Guard), Ahriman (Thousand Sons), Bulveye Greybeard (Space Wolves), Malcharion (Night Lords), Vettranio Shapura (Custodes), Colonel Ornatov (Imperial Army), Amadeus DuCaine (Iron Hands), Alpharius (Alpha Legion), Remus Ventanus (Ultramarines), Argel Tal (Word Bearers), Artellus Numeon (Salamanders), Lotara Sarrin (Imperial Army), and Lorgar (Word Bearers).

Sanguinius vs Ka'Bandha

High Terra

Darkness stretches across war-scarred Holy Terra, for here beats the great leathery wings of the Daemon. Ka’Bandha owns the skies and sets fire to the land in 18.8% of all games played this season and with a steady, grinding 55% win rate. He is flanked by the twisted Astartes-Daemon symbiote Raum (50% win rate) in 10.2% of games. 

Sanguinius stands against them in 8.5% of games with a 51% win rate, but he is not alone in this battle. His brother Jaghatai Khan rides to the defence of the imperial palace in 7.1% of games and with a 51% win rate as well.

While angels and daemons match blades above, the Khan finds a terrifying adversary in Angron, resurgent and resplendent in gore soaked armour and 54% win rate in 6.5% of games. 

This season’s top 5 most played warlords made up 51% of the meta. 35.4% Traitor, 15.6% Loyalist….and 37.4% Unstoppable! 

Altogether the top 15 most played warlords on High Terra appeared in 78.1% of all games, and included as well Tacitus Proctor (50% win rate) in 3.9% of games, Arascid Nassau (53% win rate) in 3.9% of games, Magnus the Red (50% win rate) in 3.8% of games, Qin Xa (54% win rate) in 3.3% of games, Vulkan (53% win rate) in 2.8% of games, Nerat Kirine (53% win rate) in 2.4% of games, Horus (53% win rate) in 2.2% of games, Corvus Corax (55% win rate) in 2.1% of games, Canis Vertex (61% win rate) in 1.5% of games, and Ulrach Branthan (56% win rate) in 1.3% of games. 

42 warlords were played with win rates below 50% and with a total meta representation of 13.6% of games, they are part of a familiar rogues gallery of warlords with low performance on High Terra, though they do have some celebrity special appearances this season from Roboute Guilliman (47% win rate over 1.2% of games) and Cor’Bax Utterblight (47% win rate over 1.1% of games), the only two warlords of the top 20 most played with win rates below 50%.   

On the other hand, this is the list of warlords played in more than .5% of games and with win rates higher than 50%, from least popular (.5%) to most popular (1%): Aeonid Thiel (53%), Sevatar (51%), Calleb Decima (58%), Exodus (52%), Fulgrim (54%), Nykona Sharrowkyn (63%), Kharn (51%), and Konrad Curze (50%). 

Loyalists appear in 41% of games, Traitors in 59%. Against the innumerable hordes of Chaos, the light seems to dim for the Emperor’s loyal sons and daughters this season, but it is never too late…

Hail to June’s Warmaster: Toriel of Искатели!

Hail to June’s Top Ranked Lodge: MasterClass! 

You can never have too many enemies. Good hunting, legionaries! 

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