The fearless defiance of the loyalist Legions: Part 3


Death to the traitors!

Nassir Amit

Finally in the series for the loyalist Legions, we have the stalwart defenders of Terra. The Imperial Fists, Blood Angels and White Scars have the honour and burden of being the defenders of the Palace during the Siege. The fate of the Imperium rest upon their shoulders, for if they fall, the traitors would finally take Terra, and spell the doom of the species.

While each played pivotal roles during the Siege, with Rogal Dorn having overall command of the theatre, Sanguinius used himself and his Legion to rapidly redeploy to threatened wall sections to bolster the defenders with his angelic might, while Jaghatai Khan devised a dangerous counter-attack to relieve pressure from the defenders, by assaulting the occupied Lion’s Gate space port.

So, this is the day.

Fafnir Rann
The Seventh Legion, Imperial Fists

Often used as the Emperor’s personal fleet during the early years of the Great Crusade, their reunification with their Primarch, Rogal Dorn, on the ice world of Inwit, was a peaceful integration. With him at their head, the Imperial Fists became masters at both siege and defence, building a powerful rivalry with the Iron Warriors on who was supreme.

This was soon to be tested in the Battle of Phall, where a smaller fleet of Imperial Fist ships nearly routed the full might of the Iron Warriors, before they were recalled to Terra to prepare for the Siege to come. Returning to the Sol System, the Imperial Fists built further fortifications, and the wiles of Rogal Dorn were pitted against the genius of Perturabo, as both fought to undo the other’s ploys.

Holding the line for as long as possible was the objective of the Imperial Fists. Stalwart tenacity and determination were their watchwords, and they would hold against any foe. With their mission relying on their front line Astartes remaining on the board, they have received numerous ways to make them more survivable.

Achieving their mission will grant them a powerful reward, depositing a random Imperial Fist troop in their hand at reduced cost. This  ensures they are able to maintain a defensive line and push back their opponents.

Stand beside your brothers and hold the walls against the hordes of Chaos that rage against you!

Never cry for glory. It doesn’t cry for you.

Judiciar Aster Crohne
The Ninth Legion, Blood Angels

Originally named the Revenants for the poor state of recruits they took from Terra, the 9th Legion was in a bad condition when they discovered Sanguinius on the rad scoured world of Baal. With their father found, the Legion was renamed the Blood Angels and restructured entirely. One of Horus’ closest brothers, the Warmaster had hoped to turn the Angel to his side, but knew it would be fruitless.

Still, at the insistence of the Word Bearer, Erebus, the Blood Angels were sent to Signus. There, they faced daemons of Khorne and Slaanesh, united in effort to force Sanguinius to fall to the Ruinous Powers by threatening his Legion with torment and insanity should he refuse. Rallying his forces, the Angel banished the daemons from the Signus system, and fought to return to Terra, and face his destiny against his once closest brother and friend.

With their unique Requiem mechanic, the Blood Angels only grow stronger with the loss of their troops. Their new mission reward builds on this, with the Requiem effect triggering twice. New troops, from direct damage to flanking, fill out their ranks further, while new tactics provide reinforcements or an increase to your Warlord’s attack.

Will you give in to the madness within the hearts of all Blood Angels, or stand resolute against Chaos?

I can promise a swift death, but not a painless one.

Jangsai Khan
The Fifth Legion, White Scars

Formerly named the Star Hunters before their reunification with their Primarch on the steppe world of Chogoris, the White Scars had always been a Legion to pull the limits of their leash. Often going beyond the borders of the Imperium to hunt a xenos foe, Horus used this to his advantage as he planned his rebellion.

Planting seditious Lodges within the Legion, the White Scars were isolated following the Chondax campaign, and sought to turn to the Warmaster’s cause. The Khan quickly brought his Legion to heel, and after having performed hit and run attacks on the Alpha Legion and Emperor’s Children, made a perilous journey back to Terra through the warp, where they were besieged by all manner of daemonic foes. Eventually they arrived at Terra to stand beside the Imperial Fists and Blood Angels.

Speed, hit and run and striking hard have always been the hallmarks of the White Scars, and their new mission, combined with their Streak mechanic, enables them to push their decks to the limit.

Combined with the new cards, most being flank or fast, they are able to deliver rapid blows to the opponent in quick succession, turning a once dire situation into one more favourable, with a precise application of their skimmer or bike troops.

Will you ride out beyond the walls of Terra to strike back at the Warmaster’s forces?

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