Major changes to rewards and progression system


“I will do what must be done.”

– Horus Lupercal, Warmaster

Greetings players! The Shadow of the Warmaster expansion brought with it a large overhaul of the player progression systems and many new features. Since the expansion released last week, we have been working hard to both solve unintended behaviour seen in some of the new content and address some of the main concerns raised by the community. Take a look at the biggest changes that are now live with the latest update.

Entrance to events

One of the greatest points of contention we have heard is the reduced number of tickets that can be obtained for free, from 1 per day (after winning 5 matches), to the 24 available in the free track of the Battle Pass.

We understand that event tickets are an important element of the game, in particular for players trying to build their collections. We have therefore decided to greatly facilitate access to free event runs, well beyond the previous iteration.

In addition to the 24 event tickets available in the free track of the Battle Pass, players will have a chance to play the Event for free once per day, after completing the guaranteed “Win 3 games in Legacy, Practice or Ranked mode” Daily Mission. These free entries will be non-cumulative and won’t expire. We think this mechanic will ease the way into event mode for newer players, encouraging them to take part in Events without spending their tickets.

If you have an active event run or want to start a 10-ticket event run after completing the mission, this reward will apply to your next event run instead.

Return of free login crate

The free login crate will return exactly as it was before, granting a free reward every 6 hours.

Increased flexibility to complete missions

Legacy cards will start counting towards progression in character and faction-focused missions. This means that, for example, games played as a legacy Sons of Horus warlord would count towards the completion of a “Win X games with Sons of Horus” mission.

Event games will also start counting towards progression in character, trait and faction-focused missions, such as “Play X Stealth troops” or “Win X games with Abaddon”. In the meantime, Abaddon started appearing in shops today, making him readily available to all.

Free gift to all players

We will be offering a free gift to all registered players who log into the game during the weekend. This free gift will include:

  • 400 gems
  • 500 coins
  • 3 avatars, including a guaranteed Legendary one

Other changes, fixes and improvements

The following list includes both changes that are making their way into the game with this update and those that were included in smaller earlier updates.

Matches and duels

  • Fix alternate art for Abaddon & Horus, so that it can be used normally in Legacy mode.
  • Fix Kelbor Hal and other cards that generated Mechadendrites to work correctly in friendly matches vs AI & direct duels.
  • Legacy matches now yield experience and coin rewards, similar to Ranked mode.
  • Fix an error which didn’t count matches when the opponent resigned too early.
  • The ability to view the opponent’s ranking inside PvP matches in all constructed game modes is now working again.
  • Invulnerable VFX will now remain on the unit for as long as it has the trait

Battle Pass

  • Change Battle Pass Preferred Faction rewards so that all cards granted are from the Preferred Faction.
  • Fix occasional errors when opening consecutive battle pass prizes, which caused the game to freeze and the crate to appear empty. In these cases, prizes were granted correctly but players never saw exactly what they got.
  • Seasonal missions now count towards weekly challenge progression.
  • Renamed ‘Weekly mission’ to ‘Weekly challenge’ to better represent it.

User Interface

  • Fix list view in Collection.
  • Fix display of the High Score section in other players’ Profile screen.
  • Fix the functionality of the ‘Request Mentoring’, ‘Invite’ and ‘Search Lodge’ buttons in the Chat menu.
  • The chat button now always shows in the main menu, even if chat history cannot be loaded.
  • Fix sort order of online friends.
  • New navigation buttons in Deck List to go to Edit/View deck directly (will be released later on iOS).


  • Fix target threshold on Death Guard and Emperor’s Children collection achievements.
  • Prevent unnecessary notifications for new chat messages available.
  • Many other smaller tweaks and bug fixes!

All of these changes are now live! We have other changes planned to further improve the new systems and features which will be coming in the near future. Stay tuned, and good luck on the battlefield!