March 2019 Balance Changes


As the battle of Isstvan V comes to a conclusion, the new and old Legions have settled and found their place in the game. Now, a warp storm has come and made big changes: from reducing the impact of easily abused cards to adjusting many Primarch powers, a new competitive landscape has emerged into real space, ready to be explored.

World Eaters

The XII Legion’s aggressive playstyle remains untouched, but they’re getting less reliable utility from a key card and Warlord, while making a rarely used card a new threat.

● Daemon Angron: No longer has ‘Cannot be stunned’
● Armour of Mars: change description to ‘Heal 7 to your Warlord. If you control no troops, return this card to your deck and draw a card’
● Butcher’s Nails: change description to ‘Give +2/0 and Berzerk to all Astartes in play and in your hand’

Emperor’s Children

The III Legion has proved to be too perfect. Fulgrim has been reworked to play around his obsession with perfection, while some staple cards become easier to deal with.

● Fulgrim: initiative reduced to Medium
● Fulgrim’s Whispers: changed cost reduction mechanic to ‘-1 cost when you play a Tactic triggering Perfection’
● Mycaelis Jet Bikes: change stats from 3/4 to 3/3
● Hall of Rites: change stats from 1/7 to 2/5
● Pride of the Emperor: changed description to ‘Deal 7 damage. Perfection: Return to your deck with -1 cost’

Death Guard

The sons of Mortarion get more reliable ways to apply poison, while the Death Lord himself grows in power thanks to it, with an easier way to play his Whispers of Chaos and an option to support his troops.

● Mortarion’s ability becomes: ‘(2) Stun an enemy, or remove Stun and Poison from a friendly troop’
● Mortarion’s Whispers of Chaos: Changed cost to 20, and decrease cost by 1 when a troop is poisoned.
● Executors: Ability cost reduced to from 2 to 1
● Osgarg Squad: changed description to ‘Rally: Poison an enemy troop’
● Phosphex Bomb: changed description to ‘Poison an enemy troop. Draw a card’
● Blessing of Nurgle: changed description to ‘Give your Astartes troops Poisonous and 0/+2’

Alpha Legion

Fighting against the Alpha Legion can be frustrating, and that’s exactly how they like it, specially since their troops are on the weaker side. However, they could consistently create situations where it was impossible to get out of with their unique tactics. These changes aim to make the XX Legion more even in power and for opponents to be able to play around their mind games.

● Alpharius: Ability cost increased to from 1 to 2
● Aleph Null Veteran: change ability to ‘Rally: Stun an enemy’ (instead of only targeting troops)
● Ausorius Squad: changed ability from Backlash to ‘At the end of your turn, create a copy in your hand of a Trap you played this game’
● Herzog Squad: change stats from 4/2 to 4/3
● Darganti Sergeant: change stats from 4/3 to 4/4
● The Harrowing: increase cost from 8 to 9

In addition, a big change to Secret Orders will be implemented in the next patch: they will become one-off effects, triggering once when they are revealed and then going away. You will no longer be able to stack multiple copies of the same Secret Order on a single troop,  but adding different Secret Orders on the same target will remain possible. The cost of playing Secret Orders will be lowered to account for these changes, and two of them will have a more powerful effect than before. Below are the exact changes, coming soon:

● All Secret Orders: Trigger only once, then disappear. Each troop can’t have more than 1 copy of same Order. Lower cost from 3 to 2.
● Delta Order:  Stuns and deals 3 damage (instead of 2) to friendly warlord
● Omega Order: Deals 5 damage (instead of 3) to the next friendly troop put in play

Raven Guard

During our last Q&A, one player pointed out  that Sharrowkyn says “I’m too fast for you” but he had medium initiative, so we’ve fixed that. And Kaedes Nex will need a turn to become a game-ender, because that’s what he is even with a nerf.

● Sharrowkyn: initiative increased to High.
● Kaedes Nex: new description reads: ‘Stealth. (1) Give Sentenced 2’

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.