A new balance patch arrives to shake the meta!


“You can’t run forever!”

– Ezekyle Abaddon

March’s balance changes arrive! The Heresy continues unabated, and several Legions update their playstyles and tactics to adapt to the new reality. Some strong cards have been tuned down, while several Warlords and missions that have seen little play return to the battlefield with powerful changes to their abilities.

Take a look at the complete list of changes below.

● Rogal Dorn: Lower Reckoning cost from 30 to 25
● Stone Gauntlet: Lower cost from 4 to 3
● Sons of Dorn: Mission becomes “Start your turn with Astartes with Front Line in play, 4 times” (instead of 5 times)
● Resolve of Stone: Description becomes “Give Front Line until next turn and Bastion 6 to a friendly unit” (instead of Bastion 4)

● Serghar Targost: Lower health from 7 to 6
● Muster for Lupercal: Lower number of Abakhol Squads put in play from 6 to 5

● Sons of Baal: Lower requirement from 5 to 4
● Grieving Pain: Gains additional effect of giving Survivor 5 to your Warlord

● Shadow Killers: Increase cost from 5 to 6

● Blessed Son: Cost is now reduced by 3 instead of 2 when Argel Tal kills an unit

● Magistus Amon: Lower cost of ability from 2 to 1 Psychic Energy

● Displaced Civilians: Increase cost from 0 to 1

● Tacitus Proctor: Ability becomes (2) Put in play two Servo-automata

● Chaos Spawn: Gains “Reduce Maintenance of friendly Daemons by 2”

These changes are now live! Log into the game and test them in the war of wars that will decide the fate of the Imperium!

“Strength respects only strength.”

– Ferrus Manus

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