Sevatar rises to the top in March’s meta report!


Well, well, well. Look what we’ve stumbled upon.


March has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of a season, the stats are in. It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

Low Terra

Sevatar, First Captain of the Night Lords savages his opponents to claim first place, with players becoming more comfortable with the Night Lords following their balance patch earlier in the year. Luther climbs three spots to take second, while Guilliman punches his way into third with a powerful entry from thirteenth. Corax drops slightly to fourth, while Raum rounds off the fifth spot.

The latter stages of the top ten are held by some of the usual suspects. Lucius takes a drop from first to ninth, while Kharn reclaims his spot in the top ten, at tenth. Curze slips out of the top ten to eleventh, with Santar holding strong just below him. Constantin Valdor takes a tumble from ninth down to nineteenth, as players adapt to the Custodian’s new prowess in battle.

A special mention goes to Chaos Spawn, rising from ignominy to the 23rd position in the ranks after his recent buffs.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Sevatar 57% 4.4%
2 Luther 58% 3.3%
3 Roboute Guilliman 56% 3.1%
4 Corvus Corax 56% 3.1%
5 Raum 58% 2.8%
6 Horus 54% 2.8%
7 Camba-Diaz 57% 2.7%
8 Tarvitz 55% 2.4%
9 Lucius 58% 2.4%
10 Khârn 57% 2.4%
11 Konrad Curze 55% 2.3%
12 Santar 56% 2.3%
13 Raldoron 56% 2.1%
14 Marius Gage 57% 1.9%
15 Exodus 53% 1.8%
16 Shabran 53% 1.8%
17 Fulgrim 56% 1.7%
18 Leman Russ 54% 1.6%
19 Constantin Valdor 52% 1.4%
20 Nerat Kirine 53% 1.4%
21 Angron 53% 1.4%
22 Vulkan 55% 1.3%
23 Chaos Spawn 54% 1.3%
24 Rogal Dorn 52% 1.3%
25 Alpharius 49% 1.2%
26 Kroeger 54% 1.2%
27 Ka’Bandha 54% 1.2%
28 Magistus Amon 55% 1.1%
29 Ferrus Manus 53% 1.1%
30 Perturabo 55% 1.1%


High Terra

Sevatar takes the top spot at High Terra as well, with a use rate of 7.9%! Questoris Ærthegn batters aside Horus himself to take second place, relegating Corax and the Warmaster to third and fourth positions respectively. Nomus Rhy’tan holds solid in the top five, holding off an impressive rise by Khârn who climbed 25 places to snatch sixth.

Kirine and Tarvitz hold seventh and eighth steady, with Lucius experiencing a similar fall to the one seen in Low Terra, dropping out of the top five. Camba-Diaz makes a comeback to round out the top ten. Sanakht, swathed in psychic fire, surges up 34 positions to take eleventh, with Kroeger and Guilliman below him also experiencing similar jumps in their rankings. Perturabo and Exodus round off the top fifteen, holding strong.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Sevatar 52% 7.9%
2 Questoris Ærthegn 63% 6.9%
3 Corvus Corax 55% 5.6%
4 Horus 52% 4.4%
5 Nomus Rhy’tan 58% 3.8%
6 Khârn 54% 3.7%
7 Nerat Kirine 53% 3.5%
8 Tarvitz 55% 2.7%
9 Lucius 60% 2.5%
10 Camba-Diaz 56% 2.1%
11 Sanakht 54% 2.0%
12 Kroeger 49% 2.0%
13 Roboute Guilliman 49% 2.0%
14 Perturabo 54% 1.9%
15 Exodus 53% 1.9%
16 Konrad Curze 53% 1.8%
17 Marius Gage 55% 1.8%
18 Raum 51% 1.8%
19 Fulgrim 53% 1.7%
20 Santar 54% 1.6%
21 Arascid Nassau 50% 1.6%
22 Raldoron 52% 1.5%
23 Magistus Amon 53% 1.4%
24 Narik Dreygur 55% 1.3%
25 Chaos Spawn 48% 1.1%
26 Mortarion 52% 1.1%
27 Malcador 53% 1.0%

With the recent balance changes, some Warlords have experienced a resurgence in their fortunes, while others ran out of steam as their foes found ways to counter them. With the Space Wolves balance patch already producing notable impacts, we’re eager to see what happens in next month’s meta report! Will you take up the challenge? Will anyone be able to beat the Prince of Crows?

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