The greatest swordsman dominates March’s meta


“I drink to my impending triumph.”

– Lucius

The end of March’s competitive season is only three days away. Just before the release of the new World Eaters, we take a look at the Warlords that have been making their mark during the season. This meta report also comes right before a series of balance changes aimed to bump down the heavy hitters of the season, who have been dominating the ladder for the last couple of weeks.

Let’s take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how they are standing in the Standard High Terra (rating 3800+) and Standard Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) rankings, and see how they have evolved since last month. 

Low Terra

Triumph is expected from a Legion that aims for perfection, but the numbers of the new Emperor’s Children during the March season has been a bit too excessive. Lucius and Fulgrim take both of the top spots of the ranks with very high win rates. Luther and Curze follow them very closely, taking a stand against the newcomers. Horus makes his first appearance in Low Terra’s ranking by closing the top five positions, attempting to reach the table’s very highest echelon.

Safeguarding his Primarch’s back, Abaddon opens the next five ranks, followed by Tybalt Marr. The new Sons of Horus collection has also made its mark in the ranks, being represented by three different Warlords in the top ten positions. Santar takes a step back during this season while the Emperor’s Children continue their ascension, waiting to recover the advantage. Sanguinius and Sevatar also relent a small bit, managing to hold the last two positions of the top ten while biding their time.

# Warlord Win Rate  Use Rate 
1 Lucius  59% 5,8%
2 Fulgrim  60% 3,2%
3 Luther 59% 2,8%
4 Konrad Curze 56% 2,8%
5 Horus  55% 2,5%
6 Abaddon 54% 2,4%
7 Tybalt Marr 54% 2,2%
8 Santar 56% 2,2%
9 Sanguinius 52% 2,1%
10 Sevatar 58% 2,1%
11 Kaeria Casryn 56% 2,0%
12 Calas Typhon 53% 2,0%
13 Exodus 50% 2,0%
14 Raum 56% 1,8%
15 Kroeger 54% 1,8%
16 Cor’bax Utterblight 54% 1,5%
17 Roboute Guilliman 53% 1,5%
18 Corvus Corax 53% 1,5%
19 Marius Vairosean 59% 1,5%
20 Camba-Diaz 60% 1,4%
21 Aloceri 53% 1,4%
22 Sigismund 60% 1,3%
23 Kor Phaeron 53% 1,3%
24 Nykona Sharrowkyn 56% 1,3%
25 Caipha Morarg 51% 1,2%
26 Tylos Rubio 54% 1,2%
27 Iapto 60% 1,1%
28 Eidolon  54% 1,1%
29 Geigor Fell-Hand 55% 1,0%
30 Vassago 59% 1,0%
31 Lion El’Jonson 58% 1,0%
32 Ohthere Wyrdmake 53% 1,0%
33 Arascid Nassau 51% 1,0%
34 Corswain 60% 1,0%
35 Alpharius 46% 1,0%
36 Tacitus Proctor 48% 1,0%

High Terra

Lucius takes “excess” to a whole new level in High Terra, achieving the top position with a big advantage. The second spot also resembles Low Terra’s, with Fulgrim taking hold of it. This is problematic, and a balance patch will follow shortly aimed at reducing the effectiveness of the new Emperor’s Children collection. The new Death Guard also enters the ranks for the first time, represented by Calas Typhon in the third spot of High Terra. Iapto has no choice but to go down a couple of steps during this season, still maintaining a very high Win Rate, while a third Emperor Children manages to take hold of the fifth spot in the shape of Marius Vairosean.

Raum opens the bottom half of the top 10 followed by Kroeger, both being the single representation of Word Bearers and Iron Warriors in this month’s top ranks. The Warmaster himself also makes an appearance in High Terra, very closely followed by the fearsome Domine Ex Venari and by the chilling presence of his brother Mortarion, whose new standard version enters the ranks for the first time.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Lucius 67% 21,1%
2 Fulgrim 61% 10,2%
3 Calas Typhon 54% 5,0%
4 Iapto 59% 4,3%
5 Marius Vairosean 62% 3,0%
6 Raum 50% 2,9%
7 Kroeger 49% 2,5%
8 Horus 51% 2,1%
9 Domine Ex Venari 59% 1,9%
10 Mortarion 47% 1,9%
11 Caipha Morarg 50% 1,7%
12 Kaeria Casryn 50% 1,5%
13 Aloceri 48% 1,4%
14 Luther 53% 1,2%
15 Sevatar 47% 1,2%
16 Corvus Corax 44% 1,2%
17 Raldoron 50% 1,1%
18 Sigismund 56% 1,1%
19 Vassago 48% 1,1%
20 Santar 48% 1,1%
21 Ulrach Branthan 59% 1,0%

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