Balance update! The betrayed and deceived rise up this month


“History tried to forget us. You never will.”

– Nerat Kirine

Left for dead after the events of Isstvan V, the Orphans of War rise up against the betrayers in this month’s balance update! Besides taking a new look at this brotherhood of the discarded, this update focuses on reining some of the most oppressive play patterns of last season. Since the last update, Lotara’s win rates have started to normalize, so she will not receive further changes as of now. Check out the full list of changes below!

Orphans of War

  • Price of Redemption: Lowered cost from 4 to 3
  • Branne Nev: Changed Rally ability to ‘Choose a Raven Guard Astartes and add it to your hand’ (instead of creating a random one)
  • Moritat Syras: Increased attack from 5 to 6 and lower ability cost from 1 to 0
  • Erud Vahn: Increased attack from 4 to 5 and lower ability cost from 5 to 3
  • Autek Mor: Changed description to ‘Drop Pod. Rally and Relentless: Create an Iron Hands Astartes in your hand and give it Flank’
  • Unto the Fires: Changed the description to ‘Give Survivor 3 to your Warlord and create 2 Artifacts in your hand’ (instead of Survivor 2)
  • Left for Dead: Lowered cost from 2 to 1

Imperial Army

  • Lea Rayne: Changed ability to: ‘(2) Choose a card in the enemy deck and create a copy in your hand. It costs 1 less’ (instead of 2 less)
  • Defence Force: Changed description to: ‘Solar Auxilia. Backlash: Put Defence Force in play at the end of the turn’
  • Assassin Callidus: Changed her ability’s Warlord selection pool to:
    • Ocram Adraan
    • Marius Vairosean
    • Fel Zharost
    • Lotara Sarrin
    • Hellick Mauer
    • Israfael
    • Secutarii Axiarch
    • Kheron Ophion

Sons of Horus

  • Vheren Ashurhaddon: Lowered Initiative from High to Medium and changed ability to ‘(2) Create a random troop with Speartip in your hand’ (instead of also reducing the cost of the troop created)

All of these changes are now live! Assemble your deck and prepare for a new month full of challenges and rewards in the ranked ladder.

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