March season meta report


The March ranked season is over and the statistics are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000), and find out how your favourite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity! 

“Endless Bloodshed!”

Raum, Unleashed Daemon

Low Terra

Many warlords competed in Low Terra this season, with the top 12 warlords appearing in just 50.9% of matches. Leading this pack of most popular warlords this season was his dark majesty, Konrad Curze, played in 8.5% of games on Low Terra and with a 57% win rate.

The second place went to Ulrach Branthan, who played in 5.6% of games and scored a mighty 60% win rate. He was followed by Angron (5.3% of games) with a 54% win rate, Horus (5.2% of games) with a 57% win rate, Nerat Kirine (4.3% of games) with a 57% win rate, Raum (4% of games) with a 57% win rate, Vulkan (3.5% of games) with a 59% win rate, Leman Russ (3.3% of games) with a 54% win rate, Fulgrim (3.1% of games) with a 56% win rate, Ferrus Manus (3% of games) with a 53% win rate, Saul Tarvitz (2.8% of games) with a 56% win rate, and lastly Mortarion (2.3% of games) with a 52% win rate. 

Only ten warlords failed to exceed a 50% win rate this season, Ingethel the weakest at 36%, followed  by Phosis T’Kar at 39%, Ahriman and Captured Mandragorax at 45% and 46% respectively, Nemetor, Argel Tal and Shabran Darr at 47%, and Malcharion, Remus Ventanus, and Tacitus Proctor at 49%. Collectively these warlords appeared in just 3.2% of the matches.


High Terra

March was the season of the monster, starring Raum of the Word Bearers Legion in 15.2% of all games played on High Terra and with a solid 55% win rate. 

Not far behind in 10.2% of games was Ulrach Branthan with a 56% win rate, Horus (9.6% of games) with a 54% win rate, Nerat Kirine (8.5% of games) with a 56% win rate, and Konrad Curze (5.5% of games) with a 55% win rate. These top five most played warlords represented 48.9% of the March meta. 

7 other warlords appeared in 2% or more of games on High Terra. Arascid Nassau ducked and weaved through 4.6% of games with a 56% win rate, followed by Angron (4.3% of games) with a 54% win rate, Magnus the Red (4.1% of games) with a 56% win rate, Fulgrim (3.1% of games) with a 51% win rate, Saul Tarvitz (2.3% of games) with a 49% win rate, and the Callidus Assassin (2.1% of games) with a 52% win rate.

The highest win rate on High Terra this season belongs again to Canis Vertex. While piloted by fewer Princeps than ever before in just 2.1% of matches, Canis achieved a 64% win rate. Together the top twelve most popular warlords on High Terra appeared in 72.2% of all matches. 

11 warlords were played between 1-2% of games each (15% of the meta overall) and with varying results, though almost all of them were Loyalists. In order of popularity they are Vulkan (56% win rate), Roboute Guilliman (52% win rate), Gabriel Santar (49% win rate), Aeonid Thiel (52% win rate), Leman Russ (48% win rate), Perturabo (51% win rate), Mortarion (53% win rate), Ferrus Manus (47% win rate), Alpharius (53% win rate), Lucretia Elunnirai (54% win rate) and Corvus Corax (47% win rate). 

Likewise, warlords polling less than 50% win rates represented 15% of the meta overall, and all but five of them were played in less than 1% of games each. The list of losing warlords this season includes, from the weakest at 26% to the strongest at 49%, Amon Tauromachian, Chaos Spawn, Magistus Amon, Fabius Bile, Armillus Dynat, Marius Gage, Garro, Lucius, Constantin Valdor, Lorgar, Tacitus Proctor, Artellus Numeon, Endryd Haar, Durak Rask, Malcharion, Barban Falk, Remus Ventanus, Thaddeus Fayle, Nykona Sharrowkyn, Geigor Fell-Hand, Zardu Layak, Exodus, Shabran Darr, Calleb Decima and Vicente Sixx. Overall Traitor Warlords made up 54.6% of the meta, Loyalist Warlords (including renegade Orphans of War like Nerat Kirine) made up 43.6%, and at perhaps an all time low was the Alpha Legion in just 1.8% of all games.

For the Warmaster!

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