New Raid Event: March of the Titans!


Eternity is for the strong.

Excoriator Vita, Warmaster Iconoclast

With the Sanctum Imperialis in sight, Horus unleashes the forces of Legio Mortis against Mercury Wall in a brutal attempt to breach the Loyalist defences. The Emperor’s forces clash with those of the Warmaster in savage melee as the God-Engines tower over them, tearing at the walls of the Palace.


● Legio Mortis will fight you at a number of fixed stages of every event run. Be careful, they get stronger through your run!
● You have only one chance to defeat the Legio Mortis titans at every stage it appears. Losing will cost you a life and, if you still have some left, let you continue from the same stage fighting a regular player.
● Victories against Legio Mortis are added to a global milestones tally.



● Gather points defeating the traitor titans to reach milestones and unlock amazing new cosmetics and collectable warlords!
● All players contribute points for victories against Mortis, even those who are not in a Lodge!
● Rewards will be unlocked for all players at the end of the event. Check out every icon in the milestones bar to check what’s at stake!



● 350,000 points: Imperial Army quote
● 700,000 points: Ireton MaSade cardback
● 1,000,000 points: Ireton MaSade, Imperial Army Legendary Warlord

The fight for justice never ends.

Ireton MaSade

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