New balance patch with changes to draft and constructed modes



Corvus Corax

Balance changes arrive in both constructed mode and in the current timed event!

The foes of the Raven Guard have become wise to their tactics, learning how to anticipate their deadly way of war, while Sevatar and Geigor Fell-Hand begin to get mired down in the midst of combat. Sigismund takes up the Black Sword and becomes Death’s Champion, leading the loyalist assault.

In the current timed event, Madness in Blackstone, Saul Niborran receives a minor nerf to tame his dominance. Players in the middle of an event run with him won’t be affected, but new event runs will see his new version with 30 Health instead of 35. On the other hand, Hellick Mauer, Imperial Army Sergeant and Hierophant have all received buffs which will come into play immediately for all players.

● Sons of the Shadows: Lower requirement from 10 to 8
● The Raven’s Vengeance: Change description to “Enemies have Sentenced 1”

● Geigor Fellhand: Lower initiative from High to Medium

● Sevatar: Lower initiative from High to Medium

● Sigismund: Change description to “After attacking, deal 1 additional damage to the target. (1) Create Death’s Champion in your hand”
● Death’s Champion: Change description to “Your warlord gains +1/0 and Front Line until your next turn”

● Saul Niborran: Lower health from 35 to 30
● Hierophant: Change passive ability to steal 1 health from a random unit, instead of a friendly troop
● Imperial Army Sergeant: Ability now gives +1/+1 instead of +1/0
● Hellick Mauer: Gains “Your Tactics cost 1 less”

Players currently using Saul Niborran will not be affected by his nerf until they finish their event run, while the other 3 Warlords will see the changes immediately.

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