Chaos rises in the new meta report


“Now we hunt!”

– Raum

May’s season has finished with a new Warmaster claiming their title! The main batch of content from the Shadows of the Warmaster’s expansion is now out, and the revamped Legions are testing their prowess on the battlefields.

Let’s take a look at the stats from last month’s competitive season and check how they are standing in the Standard Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) and Standard High Terra (rating 3800+) rankings, and see how they have evolved since last month. 

Low Terra

Sota-Nul continues her dominion of Low Terra, again taking the first spot, high above the rest of the top 10. Angron and Calas Typhon stand in the second and third spots, with Angron just above in Use Rate even with Typhon’s higher Win Rate. The top five is closed by Kargos and Fulgrim who have both achieved great success since joining the battlefield.

Joining his brothers in the top 10, Mortarion reaches for the sixth spot, closely followed by Raum. The daemonic spawn should not be too complacent though, for Lucius and the Night Lord’s very own Primarch, Curze, follow him too closely. The Sons of Horus also enter the top spots with Tybalt Marr closing up the highest ranks.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Sota-Nul 57% 9,3%
2 Angron 53% 3,9%
3 Calas Typhon 58% 3,9%
4 Kargos 55% 3,4%
5 Fulgrim 54% 3,1%
6 Mortarion 56% 2,9%
7 Raum 57% 2,6%
8 Lucius 54% 2,5%
9 Konrad Curze 57% 2,5%
10 Tybalt Marr 57% 2,0%
11 Horus 55% 2,0%
12 Santar 54% 2,0%
13 Sevatar 58% 1,8%
14 Kaeria Casryn 57% 1,8%
15 Cor’bax Utterblight 55% 1,7%
16 Luther 59% 1,6%
17 Exodus 56% 1,3%
18 Roboute Guilliman 52% 1,3%
19 Aloceri 55% 1,2%
20 Abaddon 52% 1,1%
21 Marius Vairosean 55% 1,1%
22 Corvus Corax 56% 1,1%
23 Hadrabulus Vioss 46% 1,1%
24 Sanguinius 56% 1,1%
25 Kroeger 53% 1,1%
26 Kor Phaeron 50% 1,0%
27 Marius Gage 54% 1,0%
28 Jaghatai Khan 49% 1,0%

High Terra

The chaos-possessed Astartes takes over high Terra with a great leap from last month’s position, followed by Fulgrim and Kargos, who achieved very similar results during this season. No doubt the Bloodspitter’s brutal onslaught has neared perfection. Calas Typhon follows with very close results, holding up against the Domine Ex Venari, who amassed a staggering number of wins and might need to enter the Manufactorum for a deeper analysis.

Sota-Nul stands strong again in High Terra in the sixth spot representing the Mechanicum. Following the trend of similarities to Low Terra’s rankings, Tybalt Marr and Angron appear once again but in the seventh and eighth spots, very close in Use Rate during this season. To close it up two Primarch brothers take the ninth and tenth ranks. Mortarion and Curze achieved a very similar Win Rate this month, and are surely ready to claim a higher one during the following season.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Raum 57% 8,3%
2 Fulgrim 53% 6,5%
3 Kargos  53% 6,3%
4 Calas Typhon  56% 6,1%
5 Domine Ex Venari 69% 5,3%
6 Sota-Nul 55% 4,8%
7 Tybalt Marr 54% 3,2%
8 Angron  46% 3,1%
9 Mortarion 51% 2,4%
10 Konrad Curze 51% 2,3%
11 Sanakht 65% 2,3%
12 Marius Vairosean 55% 2,3%
13 Magistus Amon 55% 1,8%
14 Malcharion 48% 1,7%
15 Santar 49% 1,6%
16 Lion El’Jonson 57% 1,4%
17 Iota 59% 1,4%
18 Caipha Morarg 49% 1,4%
19 Horus  54% 1,3%
20 Kaeria Casryn 49% 1,3%
21 Magnus the Red 49% 1,2%
22 Iapto 62% 1,1%
23 Aloceri 55% 1,0%
24 Cor’bax Utterblight 45% 1,0%
25 Kroeger 53% 1,0%
26 Corswain 64% 1,0%

Some Warlords have started to consolidate their place in the highest positions of Terra, but with evolving strategies and the new cards and Warlords entering the battlefield with the expansion’s events, there are no guarantees. Will you choose to join the ranks of the heavy hitters, or ready your deck to dethrone them? A new competitive season is currently live, command your deck to victory!

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