A new wave of piracy takes over may’s meta! Take a look at the latest meta report


May’s end also closes its competitive season! A new Warmaster has taken its predecessor’s mantle, and now it’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved.

This is the first meta report since last month’s Warlord overhaul, so we are glad to see the top positions shuffle around and new faces entering the rankings. Let’s take a look!

Low Terra

Hadrabulus Vioss has returned in force, taking over the first spot of Low Terra’s meta, followed by Nerat Kirine, one of the biggest scourges of the ladder in a bygone era who had not seen this much play in years. Rogal Dorn leads the Imperial Fists into the third spot, while the Lord of the Flies and Ferrus Manus close up the top five with fantastic Win Rates.

It’s worth noting that Arkhan Land and Luther, even if not as popular choices as other Warlords, still pack a punch in today’s meta. The same can be said for Sevatar, Aloceri or Tybalt Marr. All in all, Low Terra’s meta this past month has been very diverse, with lots of Warlords offering viable and winning strategies.

#WarlordWin RateUse Rate
1Hadrabulus Vioss58%4.4%
2Nerat Kirine57%3.7%
3Rogal Dorn56%3.5%
4Lord of the Flies58%3.3%
5Ferrus Manus56%3.3%
8Arkhan Land62%2.7%
10Balthazzar Dupain59%2.3%
11Konrad Curze58%2.2%
16Jaghatai Khan56%1.8%
17Cor’bax Utterblight60%1.7%
18Jenetia Krole59%1.7%
19Corvus Corax57%1.7%
24Tacitus Proctor56%1.3%
25Kaeria Casryn59%1.3%
26Vheren Ashurhaddon57%1.2%
27Tybalt Marr59%1.2%
28Calas Typhon57%1.1%
30Amendera Kendel55%1.0%

High Terra

In a curious twist of fate, the first two positions of High Terra are a mirror of Low Terra’s. Kirine takes the first spot, pushing Vioss to a very respectable second place. These prickly pair have managed to keep a staggering number of Primarchs from reaching higher in this month’s rankings. Angron, Alpharius and Rogal Dorn close High Terra’s top five in very good positions, albeit with a slightly lower Win Rate than in Low Terra.

Iota and Lion El’Jonson have both entered the top rankings with a very good win rate, while the Callidus Assassin and Arkhan Land have become quite a menace in the recent meta, sporting dangerously high rates of success. We will keep an eye on how the most recently introduced or changed Warlords trend and make adjustments if any of them start displaying unhealthy play patterns for the game.

#WarlordWin RateUse Rate
1Nerat Kirine58%12.7%
2Hadrabulus Vioss55%8.6%
5Rogal Dorn55%3.3%
8Jenetia Krole58%2.6%
10Lord of the Flies55%2.4%
11Cor’bax Utterblight53%2.3%
12Ferrus Manus47%2.3%
13Arkhan Land63%2.2%
14Farith Redloss58%2.0%
16Corvus Corax49%1.5%
17Infernus Abomination58%1.4%
18Jaghatai Khan47%1.4%
19Amendera Kendel55%1.3%
21Balthazzar Dupain56%1.3%
22Lion El’Jonson60%1.3%
24Konrad Curze52%1.2%
25Callidus Assassin64%1.2%
26Questoris Makabius55%1.1%
29Hvarl Redblade39%1.0%

Will Kirine’s mission be disrupted in the coming season? Will a new challenger topple this month’s big contenders? Will the Wolves of Fenris enter the top ranks in their first full season? A new competitive season is already live! Hone your deck-building skills and put your deck to the test on the battlefield. For glory!

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