May Season Meta Report


The May ranked season is over and the statistics are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000), and find out how your favorite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity! 

“Only death can pay our golden future’s toll”

-Sanguinius, the Great Angel

Low Terra

Blood rains on Low Terra with the resurgence of the World Eaters Primarch Angron as the most popular warlord of the season, played in 6.3% of games with a 55% win rate. He is followed down the scarlet path by Ka’bandha (5.4% of games) with a 56% win rate. 

Konrad Curze remains a popular staple in Low Terra in 5.2% of games with a 57% win rate, along with Raum (4.3% of games) with a 53% win rate, Corvus Corax (4% of games) with a 60% win rate, Horus (3.4%) with a 55% win rate, Nerat Kirine (3.2%) with a 57% win rate, Sanguinius (2.6%) with a 52% win rate, Leman Russ (2.6% of games) with a 54% win rate, and Qin Xa of the White Scars (2.5% of games) with a 51% win rate.

The top ten popular warlords named above made up 39.5% of the Low Terra meta this season.

Other successful warlords played in more than 2% of games include Vulkan (2.4% of games) with a 57% win rate, Arascid Nassau (2.4% of games) with a 55% win rate, Cor’bax Utterblight (2.4% of games) with a 55% win rate, Ulrach Branthan (2.4% of games) with a 58% win rate, Fulgrim (2.3% of games) with a 55% win rate, Kyriss the Perverse – right behind Fulgrim – in 2.3% of games with a 54% win rate, Magnus the Red (2.2% of games) with a 52% win rate, Alpharius (2.2% of games) with a 51% win rate, Raldoron (2.2% of games) with a 51% win rate, and Sevatar (2% of games) with a 54% win rate. 

All the warlords played in 2% or more of games on Low Terra made up 62% of the meta, and all of them with win rates over 50%. 

Warlords with lagging win rates below 50% made up 4.3% of the meta this season, including from weakest to strongest Vettranio Shapura, Ingethel, Phosis T’kar, Ahriman, Argel Tal, Nemetor, Lorgar, Meros, Lotara Sarrin, Remus Ventanus, Endryd Haar, Forrix, Erebus, Cassian Vaughn, Malcharion, Targutai Yesugei, Chaos Spawn, Vincente Sixx, Tacitus Proctor, Bulveye Greybeard, Garro, and Lucius. 

High Terra

Traitors and loyalists take the fight to the skies above the battlefield, but it is the winged fury of the Emperor’s faithful sons, Corvus Corax and Sanguinius, who carry the day and the season.

Corax the Raven Lord flies just as high as he did in April, with a 59% win rate across 11.3% of games. His brother Sanguinius, the Great Angel, appears in 11.2% of games with a 55% win rate. 

But without daemons, there can be no angels. Ka’bandha appears in fewer games (7.9%), but the Bloodthirster of Khorne is his eternal rival’s equal with a similar 55% win rate. 

The 4th most popular warlord in May was the titan Canis Vertex, who resumed his reign of highest win rate on High Terra with a 67% win rate in 7.1% of games. May’s new Warmaster, Spellbreaker77, pilotted Canis Vertex to an impressive rank of 5899, a mere 3 points ahead of rival Deathstroyer, April’s Warmaster. The Warmaster is dead! Long live the Warmaster! 

The top 5 most popular warlords on High Terra are rounded out by none other than Angron (5.9% of games) with a 54% win rate. Together the top 5 this season made up 43.4% of the meta. 

The top 15 most popular warlords this season made up 79.5% of the meta. Following Angron were Nerat Kirine (5.1% of games) with a 55% win rate, Jaghatai Khan (4.5% of games) with a 53% win rate, the daemon Raum (4.1% of games) with a 52% win rate, Magnus the Red (4% of games) with a 53% win rate, Horus (3.7% of games) with a 51% win rate, Konrad Curze (3.6% of games) with a 53% win rate, Ulrach Branthan (3.2% of games) with a 53% win rate, Nykona Sharrowkyn (3.1% of games) with a 54% win rate, Arascid Nassau (2.7% of games) with a 52% win rate, and Qin Xa (2.1% of games) with a 52% win rate. 

Of the warlords played in less than 2% of games, only the following had win rates exceeding 50%: Lucius, Tacitus Proctor, Kelbor-Hal, Magistus Amon, Vincente Sixx, Ehrlen, Colonel Ornatov, Ohthere Wyrdmake, Cor’bax Utterblight, Amon Tauromachian, Mortarion, Raldoron, Saul Tarvitz, Kharn, and Roboute Guilliman. 

From the deepest tunnels of the war in the webway to the ashen craters of Istvaan V where loyalist survivors still make their stand, the sound of bolter fire and the clashing of demi-gods echoes across the galaxy. Outnumbered though the Traitors were this season with a 45.8% use rate to the Loyalists’ 53%, both sides are at a standstill with a 54% win rate, respectively. Licking their wounds and lying curiously low, the Alpha Legion persists quietly as 1.2% of the meta and with a 43% win rate average. 

A new ranked season has now started. Which Legions and warlords will claim glory this month? Have your say!

The road to Terra is open! 

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