New campaign mode: Battle of Phall


“For Dorn and the Imperium, brother.”

– Alexis Polux

Battle readiness, brothers. The new single-player campaigns are here, allowing  players to relive the key battles from the Horus Heresy lore and prove themselves in the epic clashes between Loyalists and Traitors across the galaxy. This first update brings the Battle of Phall, where you’ll play as the Imperial Fists against Perturabo and his Iron Warriors.

Retribution Fleet

After finding out about Horus’ treachery and Isstvan III Atrocity, Rogal Dorn sent a Retribution Fleet to reinforce their betrayed brothers still trapped on the planet. The ruinous forces of the Warp Storm tore down the Imperial Fists’ fleet and trapped them in the Phall System, killing veteran Captain Yonnad and leaving young Alexis Polux, his best pupil and designated successor, as the new commander.

After several months stranded and unable to communicate with Terra, the Imperial Fists were ambushed by a much larger fleet of Iron Warriors, led by Perturabo, their Primarch.

Fleet Master

Play as fleet master Alexis Polux and fight against the Iron Warriors for your brothers’ survival. Fortify your position, build powerful structures and deploy your Astartes troops to beat back Perturabo’s forces. Master the Imperial Fists’ game mechanics against their bitter rivals and defend your legion’s name.

“Perturabo! This treason demands punishment.”

Spoils of War

Upgrade your Warlord as the battle advances! These cards will help you in your upcoming challenges, reinforcing your hero or sabotaging your enemies’ supplies. Each run you’ll have different options, so choose wisely and adapt your strategy to better your chances at coming on top.

Sons of Dorn

Defeat all enemies as Alexis Polux to claim your rewards (including the young captain himself!) and unlock more playable Warlords. Prove your worth in the Battle of Phall and best the powerful final boss to earn an exclusive legendary card back. 

Brace yourselves, Sons of Dorn. For the Imperium!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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