New expansion: Malevolence


The Horus Heresy: Legions has announced its fifth major content expansion, Malevolence, to be released on 27th March.

Warmaster Horus’ pact with Chaos is sealed in blood and his deception runs deep. Dispatched to the Signus system by order of the Warmaster, the Blood Angels are caught in a deadly trap set by the Traitors’ foul allies: the Daemons of the Ruinstorm.

Meanwhile, the White Scars are sent by Horus to the Chondax system, where the perfidy of hidden Traitors isolates them from the main theatre of war.

Three new factions are joining the game, based on Forge World’s 8th Book in The Horus Heresy series: Malevolence. With over 140 new cards, 9 Warlords and new cosmetics, this expansion brings exciting new mechanics and will take the game beyond 1000 collectible cards!

Death From Above

The Blood Angels will be the first new faction released in the Malevolence expansion. Renowned for their orbital drop operations and shock assaults, the battle fury and red thirst that haunts them is honed to swift and lethal purpose by their noble Primarch Sanguinius, the Great Angel. Steadfast against the tides of Daemonkind, the Blood Angels will remain unshakeable in their loyalty to the Emperor and his vision for humankind. 

The IX Legion flies to battle on March 27th.

Avatars of Annihilation

Only waiting for the ripest moment to pounce upon the forces of the Imperium that have entered the Signus system, the Daemons of the Ruinstorm will darken midday skies and turn oceans to blood. Called forth by the suffering and deaths of countless billions, they are the unnameable terrors beyond the veil of space. To look upon them is to look upon madness incarnate, and to realize that beyond lies only the insatiable hunger of uncaring gods.

The Daemons of the Ruinstorm will march into battle on April 10th.

Laughing Killers

Misdirected by Horus to the distant Chondax system, the White Scars are put to an impossible task that will test their loyalty and find it unwavering. Laughing in the face of danger, the Horde of Jaghatai Khan rides into battle amid a storm of bolter fire, jetbikes, speeders, and the unbridled thrill of the hunt.

The V Legion will meet their enemies on April 24th.

The slaughterhouse of Signus and the deception at Chondax strained two of the Emperor’s most loyal Legions and changed the course of the Heresy. Now players will have a chance to unright wrongs or drive the knife of betrayal deeper.

As the fires of war grow fiercer, which side will you fight for?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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