New expansion: The Dropsite Massacre


“Today, we forge a path to victory!”

– Ferrus Manus

Major expansion arrives on 21st July

Warmaster Horus has made his intentions very clear, and the Imperium of Mankind will not let his actions go unpunished! Three of the Emperor’s Legions take a stand on Isstvan V, ready to stop the traitors in their footsteps before their malignant influence spreads through the galaxy. There will be a reckoning.

Prepare to experience one of the most iconic battles of the Horus Heresy in this massive content expansion, coming to the game 21st July! It’s brother against brother, Space Marine versus Space Marine. Which side will you choose?

The Dropsite Massacre

The Warmaster and the traitor Primarchs have cleansed their ranks of those whose allegiance did not align with theirs. After this abhorrent act and declaring a rebellion against the Imperium of Mankind, three whole Astartes Legions have gathered to bring down the betrayers. On the barren world of Isstvan V, the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard have formed the first line of defence against what would become one of the Imperium’s darkest hours.

The Dropsite Massacre expansion will begin on 21st July with the release of the Iron Hands, boasting a completely renewed collection starring fresh new characters, troops and tactics! The new cards are ready to unleash the power of the Iron Tenth, commanded into the battlefield by some of their greatest heroes. Ferrus Manus will, of course, star as the faction’s Legendary Warlord, but you will have to stay tuned to learn which other two heroes will join their Primarch at the command of the Legion.

When will the new cards arrive?

After the Iron Hands enter the fray on July 21st, the remaining loyalist Legions will join them on the battlefield in bi-weekly releases. The Salamanders will unleash the fires of Nocturne on August 4th, while the Raven Guard will exit the shadows on August 18th. The last big batch of content will come on September 1st, bringing new neutral support to all the game’s factions, focusing on expanding the Traitor Auxilia archetype and the Mechanicum collection.

An epic farewell: a double-faction event!

This Friday 14th July, the last event of the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion will begin, bidding farewell to the original incarnations of the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard Legions. In the ‘Fires of Isstvan’ event, Ferrus Manus, Vulkan and Corvus Corax will join forces to put a stop to Horus, Fulgrim, Mortarion and Angron in a full-on Primarch battle! Urlach Branthan will also support the loyalist Legions in the event as an epic prologue to the creation of his Orphans of War.

But wait, there’s more! This event brings Isstvan V’s mayhem to life by letting players join the strengths of two different legions in the same deck. That’s right! The week-long farewell to Isstvan V will be a double-faction event!

After selecting the Warlord, players will be given a choice of their supporting faction. These factions will be different depending on if your chosen Warlord is on the Loyalist side or on the Traitor side. After making their choice, the deck drafting process will begin as usual, but players will find card packs from both their Warlord’s faction and their choice of a supporting faction. Hone your drafting skills and get ready to unleash never-before-seen synergies on the battlefields of Isstvan V!

New card reveals coming soon!

Get ready to learn all about the new Iron Hands with your favourite content creators! Stay tuned to learn when the first reveals will happen, bringing light to the new Iron Hands Warlords, troops and tactics. Make sure to follow us on your social media platform of choice, be it Instagram, Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, and join the official Discord server to never miss a single reveal!

The Warmaster must not take one more step forward, his rebellion must be crushed. Get ready to raise the storm upon the forces of Horus when the new expansion releases 21st July!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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