The new Night Lords are ready to haunt the battlefield


“Night falls. The hunt begins.”

– Konrad Curze

Ave Dominus Nox

At the end of light, the shadows grow only larger. The macabre hosts of Konrad Curze are ready to bring the night to the battlefields of the Horus Heresy! The Hidden Dagger expansion for Warhammer Horus Heresy: Legions begins with the release of the new Night Lords collection, featuring fresh new artwork and game mechanics perfect for the murderous VIII Legion.

Get ready to shrink the hearts of your enemies with visceral acts of violence and liberate them of their mortal coils in a fell swoop. Summon the darkness into the hearts of your enemies, and unleash the vilest warriors in the Galaxy against the Imperium’s lackeys.

The Night Lords’ dark legend

The Night Lords unveiled their dark intentions on Isstvan V, as part of Horus’ master plan to eradicate three loyalist Legions from the war entirely. The Iron Hands, Salamanders and the Raven Guard were counting on a Second Wave of reinforcements, including the Night Lords, to stop Horus’ betrayal before it spread too far. Little did they know, the Warmaster’s tendrils had spread further than imaginable, securing the loyalty of the Legions that were coming as reinforcements.

Numberless are the atrocities performed by the VIII Legion through the years of the Horus Heresy. From capturing and torturing Vulkan, to bringing endless terrors to the Thramas sector. Theirs is a dark and brutal legend that grows only darker with each of their acts. Konrad Curze and his hosts have made their intentions clear, and eternally forsaken the path of redemption.

Night Lords Warlords

Many Night Lords warriors engulfed the Galaxy in terror, but among them, three of their mightiest heroes were chosen to lead the Legion into battle:

  • Kheron Ophion: Possessing a sense of honour rare among his Legion, his shield is a constant reminder of his greatest failure.
  • Sevatar: Arrogant, ruthless and utterly infamous, Sevatar is a living avatar of the VIII Legion’s dark purpose.
  • Konrad Curze: The feared Primarch of the Night Lords, who brought judgment rather than deliverance to the worlds he claimed.

Eviscerate enemy lines with brutal acts of violence

The Night Lords do not perform clean kills. Their sadistic souls seek to punish their prey with physical and psychological methods before making an example out of any poor soul that stands in their way. Their new Murder trait befits these blood-soaked killers, triggering an effect after defeating an enemy if the damage they dealt in the killing blow is superior to the poor victim’s remaining health.

Unlike Battle Honour, Murder will still trigger even if the troop with Murder dies while attacking. Murder is also not troop-exclusive and can be found on Tactics. Plan your attacks carefully and exploit their new mechanic to get as much value as possible out of your troops!

Check out the full card gallery

Visit the website’s Card Collection to check the complete collection of incoming cards! From the new Warlords to the new tactics and troops. Take a peek at the full extent of the new Night Lords collection so you know how to master the darkness when the Legion’s release comes tomorrow. Check out the new cards and share your ideas in the #deck-building channel of the official Discord server.

A Black Friday special

Get more bang for your buck in the new webshop and gather the new Night Lords under your banner faster than ever! Find new gold offers with added value, perfect for all the upcoming content in the new expansion.

To celebrate the release of the webshop, claim an exclusive Night Lords avatar for free! Log into the webshop with your in-game account during the Black Friday season to receive your reward and imbue your in-game profile with the murderous soul of the VIII Legion.

How to start collecting them

There are many ways to collect Night Lords cards, especially during the first weeks after their release! Take a look at them:

  • Night Lords faction crates contain 5 random cards, 3 of them guaranteed from the NEW Night Lords collection including a rare card or better, and the other 2 from all cards released so far in expansions from the Shadow of the Warmaster onwards.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE with a time-limited bundle containing Sevatar, 15 Night Lords crates and an exclusive premium Sevatar avatar, available from the Legion’s release weekend.
  • Take advantage of the current Battle Pass! Select the Night Lords as your preferred faction and start collecting them through card rewards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including Legendary cards, exclusive cosmetics and an ALTERNATE ART! Stay tuned, there will be a new Battle Pass coming soon.
  • Play the new ‘Pursuing Shadows’ event showcasing the Night Lords and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the event has at least 1 of the new legion’s cards.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New event: Pursuing Shadows

A new timed event will allow all players to play with the Night Lords in draft mode. Most loyalists have fled Isstvan V, but there is yet one beacon of hope remaining on the ill-starred planet. One flame that Curze aims to extinguish. The hunt for Vulkan has begun.

Remember to complete the guaranteed “Win 3 matches” daily mission to unlock a free event run every day and kickstart your Night Lords collection. Every reward crate in the event contains at least 1 of the new cards!

The new Night Lords enter the fray on 24th November! Are you ready to engulf the Galaxy in darkness and punish your enemies with visceral acts of violence? The night has fallen, it’s your time to act!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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