From darkness come the Lords of the Night


“Sssh, it’s over… Don’t fight it.”

– Malcharion, War-Sage

Balance changes! As we approach the third wave of the Galaxy in Flames expansion, the Night Lords emerge from the shadows to wage their own brand of terrifying war against their former brothers with amended troops and tactics. Older cards receive new effects, as well as troop refinements to their most deadly warriors.

Night Lords’ troops
  • 10th Oathed: Change Rally to: “Give -2/0 to an enemy until your next turn”
  • Rad-Urzon: Change stats from 2/3 to 3/2 and description to: “Terror. Rally: Give ‘Can’t Attack’ to an enemy until your next turn”
  • Ka-Permode: Increase attack from 3 to 4 and change description to: “Can’t Attack. Resolution: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy”
  • Night Raptors: Now has Terror
  • Seeker Talon: Change description to “Stealth. Gain +3/0 while your opponent has no troops”
  • Headsman: Add “Rally: Give -3/0 to an enemy until your next turn”
  • Support Talon: Change description to “Rally: Deal 2 damage and Stun an enemy”
  • Huntmaster: Add “Rally: Gain Stealth until your next turn”
  • Atramentar Terminators: Increase stats from 6/7 to 7/8
  • Vakuran: Increase attack from 5 to 6
Night Lords’ tactics
  • Trophies of Judgement: Change description to “Give -4/0 to an enemy this turn”
  • Deep Strike: Lower cost from 4 to 2 and change description to “Give Flank to your Night Lords troops”
  • Night Attack: Add “Draw a card”
  • Nostraman Chainglaive: Lower cost from 4 to 3
  • Terror Tactics: Change description to “Give -2/0 to all enemies until your next turn”
  • Mercy & Forgiveness: Increase cost from 3 to 4

These balance changes are now live. Take to the skies and show that Astartes can know fear.

Your future is grim.

Sevatar, First Captain

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