November season meta report


The last day of November marked the end of its competitive season! With the introduction of new challengers and factions into ranked play, the battle is cruder than ever. Let’s take a look at how this season has been in the monthly roundup of High Terra (4000+) and Low Terra (2500-4000)! Find out how your favourite Warlords and Legions have performed in this month’s galactic warfare!

This will be one for the books.

Alsahr Orhlacc

The Knight Houses had a strong start in this competitive season, taking the ranks by storm. Aside from their appearance, though, the stats from Low and High Terra are quite different, showing Warlords from all shapes and sizes taking a stand against these fearsome machines of war. Let’s check the stats.

Low Terra

Between 2500 and 4000 rating, the ranks have seen a pretty sizable shake-up compared to previous months. Ka’Bandha has finally been dethroned, leaving room for a newcomer, the Cerastus Knight of House Orhlacc, to take the highest spot in the ranking, followed closely by Konrad Curze, who managed to climb to the second spot from last month’s fifth. Two non-Primarch Warlords, Nerat Kirine and Raldoron, take the third and fourth spot. But Raldoron can’t get too confident, for Angron, Leman Russ and Vulkan follow him closely and ready to climb the ranks.

In the lower spots of the Top 10 we see a strong daemonic presence with Cor’bax and Ka’Bandha, and Alpharius falls from the second spot to the tenth. Slowly but steadily, Raum and Corswain have climbed the rankings, so keep an eye on them, as next month they could reach the Top 10.

Win Rate
Use Rate
Cerastus Orhlacc 59% 4,8%
Konrad Curze 54% 4,6%
Nerat Kirine 57% 4,1%
Raldoron 55% 3,7%
Angron 55% 3,6%
Leman Russ 57% 3,5%
Vulkan 55% 3,5%
Cor’bax Utterblight 55% 3,4%
Ka’Bandha 52% 3,0%
Alpharius 52% 2,9%
Raum 55% 2,7%
Corswain 55% 2,6%
Ulrach Branthan 57% 2,5%
Magnus the Red 56% 2,5%
Sanguinius 52% 2,4%
Perturabo 54% 2,2%
Constantin Valdor 51% 2,2%
Tarvitz 55% 2,2%
Zardu Layak 54% 1,6%
Ahriman 57% 1,5%
Lion El’Jonson 46% 1,5%
Fulgrim 54% 1,5%
Roboute Guilliman 54% 1,4%
Santar 52% 1,4%
Lucretia Elunnirai 54% 1,4%
Exodus 55% 1,4%
Ferrus Manus 50% 1,4%
Corvus Corax 56% 1,3%
Jaghatai Khan 48% 1,3%
Shabran 56% 1,3%

High Terra

There’s a new master in High Terra! With a staggering win rate, the Cerastus Knight of House Orhlacc claims the highest spot this season. Since the latest changes to the Daemons of the Ruinstorm, Ka’Bandha has fallen out of favor with Khorne, and will now need to fight to reclaim his spot in the top 10! Corswain takes the second place and Nerat Kirine keeps hold of the same spot he claimed in Low Terra.

Angron and Vulkan bash it out for the fourth spot, while Magnus and Ahriman are taken down a few ranks in comparison to the previous month. Closing up the top 10, Perturabo, Leman Russ and Branthan all show strong performances, followed closely by Saul Tarvitz, Alpharius and Fulgrim. 

Win Rate
Use Rate
Cerastus Orhlacc 63% 12,0%
Corswain 59% 5,7%
Nerat Kirine 59% 5,6%
Angron 52% 4,2%
Vulkan 58% 4,2%
Magnus the Red 58% 3,5%
Ahriman 59% 3,4%
Perturabo 56% 3,2%
Leman Russ 51% 3,1%
Ulrach Branthan 56% 2,8%
Tarvitz 53% 2,7%
Alpharius 51% 2,7%
Fulgrim 48% 2,7%
Raum 54% 2,4%
Constantin Valdor 49% 2,4%
Konrad Curze 52% 2,3%
Exodus 55% 2,2%
Ka’Bandha 56% 2,1%
Roboute Guilliman 51% 2,0%
Corvus Corax 53% 1,9%
Cerastus Makabius 55% 1,7%
Lucretia Elunnirai 59% 1,6%
Mortarion 56% 1,5%
Sanguinius 48% 1,6%
Santar 51% 1,4%
Raldoron 57% 1,3%
Lion El’Jonson 47% 1,3%
Zardu Layak 51% 1,2%
Amon Tauromachian 56% 1,2%

Shortly, with the release of 20 new neutral cards, the bulk of the Angels of Caliban expansion will be available in the game. A new month brings a new chance for bloodshed and glory. Hone your deck and get ready for December’s competitive season! Dare to try new warlords and tactics! Take a new faction to the thick of war and fight for the title of Warmaster!

Good luck on the battlefield.

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