New balance patch! The Iron Warriors have resupplied and rearmed!


All of you keep underestimating me!

Perturabo, Lord of Iron

Balance changes arrive! While years of fighting had run the ammunition and supplies of the Iron Warriors low, the sons of Perturabo have now had chance to prepare themselves once more to continue their attrition warfare. The Iron Warriors receive several notable changes in order to bring them closer to other factions in ranked, and unranked play.

Three other factions also receive minor changes. Caligo Flaminis takes advantage of the new supplies and  reloads its devastating Nemesis Cannon.

Sheed Ranko, fresh from his victories in both Terran arenas, faces a change to his ability, as his enemies begin to grow wise to the dishonourable tactics of the Alpha Legion.

Lastly, Lucretia receives a change to bring her more in line with her faction, addressing a combo that was providing her with consistently high win rates in the meta reports.

● Perturabo: Ability now has Ordnance 2
● Forrix: It now has “Friendly Structures have +1/0”
● Stor-Bezashk: Increase health from 2 to 3
● Krendl Squad: Change description to “Gain a Mark of Chaos when a friendly troop dies “
● Dominators: Change description to “When a friendly troop dies, give +1/+1 to troops in your hand”
● 30th Heavy Squad: Increase ability cost from 1 to 2. Increase ability damage from 3 to 5
● Predator Destructor: Increase health from 5 to 6
● Tyrant Siege Terminators: Increase attack from 5 to 6
● Legion Medusa: Increase attack from 1 to 2. Change ability to “(0) Siege: Deal 5 damage (Ordnance 3)”
● Decimation: Lower cost from 2 to1
● Price of Victory: Change description to “Load the Siege ability of all friendly units . (-2) cost when a friendly troop dies”. Increase cost from 7 to 8
● Forgebreaker: Change description to “Replace your Warlord’s ability to ‘(1) Deal 4 damage. If target is a troop, Stun it’

● Caligo Flaminis: Increase weapons Health from 20 to 25
● Nemesis Cannon: Lower cost from 14 to 12

● Sheed Ranko: Increase ability cost from 1 to 2

● Lucretia: Change passive to “Your Imperial Army Infantry troops cost 1 less”

These changes are now live in regular and event play! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

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