The Omnissiah takes over November’s meta report


“Witness the sacred form of the machine!”

– Tacitus Proctor

November’s ranked season ended last week and a new Warmaster took the title! While last month was successful in letting new Warlords enter the top standings, the greatest warrior of last month still stood tall against all who sought his downfall. Let’s take a look at the latest numbers and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. How have the new Night Lords fared in the short time they took part in the last season?

Low Terra

The Mechanicum has taken Low Terra by storm! Tacitus Proctor ascends to the very first spot of Low Terra surpassing Mortarion and even the Warmaster himself. All praise the Omnissiah! The Khan follows his brothers closely, only surpassing Sota-Nul because of his higher win rate breaking the tie, but not enough to put him higher than the Warmaster.

Corvus Corax and Sigismund achieve an incredibly strong showing in the Top 10, which is closed by Sevatar in his first week of competitive playing. Beyond the top rankings, we can see Curze creeping his way to the top again, and other Warlords like Luther, Ka’Bandha and Caipha Morarg standing strong against the current meta.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Tacitus Proctor 56% 6.4%
2 Mortarion 57% 5.2%
3 Horus 56% 3.7%
4 Jaghatai Khan 59% 3.5%
5 Sota-Nul 56% 3.7%
6 Corvus Corax 67% 2.8%
7 Sigismund 63% 2.4%
8 Cor’bax Utterblight 57% 2.5%
9 Angron 57% 2.3%
10 Sevatar 59% 2.2%
11 Kaeria Casryn 56% 2.1%
12 Tybalt Marr 60% 1.7%
13 Ferrus Manus 57% 1.7%
14 Luther 62% 1.6%
15 Gabriel Santar 58% 1.7%
16 Kargos 55% 1.8%
17 Konrad Curze 55% 1.5%
18 Fulgrim 56% 1.4%
19 Calas Typhon 58% 1.3%
20 Tylos Rubio 57% 1.3%
21 Exodus 56% 1.2%
22 Ka’Bandha 60% 1.1%
23 Marius Vairosean 58% 1.0%
24 Iocton Rheim 52% 1.1%
25 Leman Russ 58% 1.0%
26 Aloceri 58% 1.0%
27 Roboute Guilliman 55% 1.1%
28 Caipha Morarg 59% 1.0%
29 Arascid Nassau 52% 1.1%

*The standings are calculated taking both Win Rate and Use Rate in mind

High Terra

High Terra paints a slightly different picture, with Tacitus falling to 6th place in comparison to Low Terra. In his place, Sigismund earns the title again even after the latest balance changes, followed by Corvus Corax with another strong showing by the Raven Guard. Three more Primarch brothers follow Corax, with Mortarion, Jaghatai and Angron representing their Legions in the top ranks.

Beyond the top 10 we can see Sanakht hacking and slashing into the current meta, and Sevatar once again standing strong after the Night Lords release. Both the Chaos Spawn and Arascid Nassau remain a great option in the current meta, achieving great Win Rates against some of the galaxy’s greatest Warlords.

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Sigismund 67% 12.6%
2 Corvus Corax 62% 8.4%
3 Mortarion 51% 5.3%
4 Jaghatai Khan 53% 4.8%
5 Angron 54% 3.7%
6 Tacitus Proctor 50% 3.9%
7 Questoris Makabius 58% 2.5%
8 Marius Vairosean 60% 2.1%
9 Saul Niborran 57% 2.1%
10 Horus 51% 2.3%
11 Sevatar 58% 2.0%
12 Kroeger 53% 2.1%
13 Sanakht 67% 1.4%
14 Kargos 53% 1.7%
15 Chaos Spawn 54% 1.6%
16 Sota-Nul 49% 1.6%
17 Exodus 42% 1.7%
18 Kaeria Casryn 47% 1.5%
19 Cor’bax Utterblight 53% 1.3%
20 Arascid Nassau 55% 1.2%
21 Ahriman 47% 1.3%
22 Thaddeus Fayle 54% 1.1%
23 Tybalt Marr 50% 1.1%
24 Luther 56% 0.9%
25 Caipha Morarg 49% 1.1%
26 Agapito Nev 50% 1.0%

A balance update will soon follow this post, bringing the hammer of justice against the most oppressive strategies to open the way to the top for more Warlords. The Hidden Dagger expansion has just begun, and the new Legions are coming in strong! Good luck on the battlefield in the new season, commander!

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