November season meta report


The November ranked season is over and the statistics are in! Check back here monthly for the post-season roundup of High Terra (3500+) and Low Terra (2500-3500), and find out how your favourite warlord and Legion fared in the galactic struggle for the future of the Imperium and humanity!

What wins the fight is what wins the fight.

Aeonid Thiel, Sergeant 135th Company Ultramarines

Low Terra

Outside the gates of the imperial palace, the din of brutal close quarters fighting amongst traitor and loyalist World Eaters fills the air. Angron & Ehrlen remain frequently played warlords on Low Terra, used altogether in 16.6% of games and with a 57% win rate apiece. 

They are the most popular, but not the most effective. 

Though appearing in only 1.2% of games, Canis Vertex strides across the field of slaughter with a 72% win rate, and is second to none. 

However, the loyalists are not without their heroes: Artellus Numeon, Corvus Corax, Calleb Decima, Vulkan, and Ulrach Branthan each stand at a 60% win rate and altogether featured in 10% of games played on Low Terra. 

And though they proved to be the strongest this season on Low Terra, this battle can belong to almost anyone. 

Competing with win rates between 55% – 59%, starting with the strongest, were Vincente Sixx, Nykona Sharrowkyn, Ohthere Wyrdmake, Fulgrim, Ferrus Manus, Magnus, Atesh Tarsa, Barban Falk, Mortarion, Konrad Curze, Arascid Nassau, Durak Rask, Horus, Bulveye Greybeard, Exodus, Magistus Amon, Shadrak Meduson, Flaymaster Mawdrym, Alpharius, Cassian Vaughan, Sevatar, Saul Tarvitz, Abaddon, Fabius Bile, Raum, Leman Russ, Perturabo, and Phosis T’Kar

Together these warlords appeared in 48% of all games played on Low Terra.

Of the game’s 72 warlords, every single one was played on Low Terra and only 17 fell below a 50% win rate. Though only played in 5% of all games, the list of warlords who buckled this season includes Garro, Captured Mandragorax, Lorgar Aurelian, Roboute Guilliman, Tacitus Proctor, Thaddeus Fayle, Malcharion, Agapito Nev, Ingo Pech, Ahriman, Armillus Dynat, Forrix, Endryd Haar, Aeonid Thiel, Nemetor, Ingethel, and Vettranio Shapura

High Terra

On High Terra a pitched battle ensues amongst traitors and loyalists of all Legions, and like last season every warlord in the game saw play on this tier.  

Leading the pack by sheer strength of firepower is the indomitable Canis Vertex, with a 64% win rate across 4.7% of games. 

Honourable mention goes to the three warlords with the next highest win rates, these brave few who appeared altogether in only 2% of games but with win rates of 57%: Thaddeus Fayle, Artellus Numeon, and Fabius Bile

Far more popular and virtually as effective was Ulrach Branthan of the new Orphans of War faction, kicking off his first season on the ladder with a 55% win rate across 5.5% of games. His adopted battle brother Atesh Tarsa fared similarly, with a 53% win rate across 5.3% of games. Ex-World Eaters Endryd Haar did not perform as well, however, with a 47% win rate and appearing in less than 1% of games played.

Some usual suspects make up the rest of the top ten most popular warlords this season on High Terra, with Alpharius (54% win rate) the most played warlord in November, appearing in 7.2% of games and followed by Tarsa and Branthan, Angron (52% win rate), Bulveye Greybeard (54%), Horus (54%), Canis Vertex, Magnus (53%), Konrad Curze (50%), and Saul Tarvitz (51%). 

Half of the game’s warlords are competing at 50% or higher win rates, and half are competing below 50%.  

Standing at the threshold with 50% win rates and appearing altogether in 10% of games were Fulgrim (3.5% of games), Flaymaster Maydrym (0.7%), Konrad Curze (4.4%), Constantin Valdor (0.7%), Amadeus Ducaine (0.2%), and Amon Tauromachian (0.7%). 

At 51% and in 11% of games were Calleb Decima (0.4%), Shadrak Meduson (0.5%), Ehrlen (3.5%), Vincente Sixx (0.2%), Saul Tarvitz (4.1%), Leman Russ (1.7%), Barban Falk (0.3%), Loken (0.2%) and Khârn (0.8%). 

At 52% and in 9.9% of games were Ohthere Wyrdmake (0.6%), Ingo Pech (0.2%), Angron (5.2%), Tarik Torgaddon (0.4%), and Arascid Nassau (3.4%). 

And those warlords above 52% win rate who have not yet been mentioned include Colonel Ornatov (55%, 0.7% of games), Sevatar (54%, 1.9% of games), Abaddon (53%, 0.1% of games), Cassian Vaughn (53%, 0.1% of games), Exodus (53%, 1.9% of games), and Magistus Amon (53%, 0.3% of games).

This season’s losing warlords made up less than 25% of all games played on High Terra, proving too ineffective in many instances for any single one of them to be played in more than 1.8% of games. Warlords not named in this High Terra report can and should be considered among the win rate casualties this season (below 50%). May they find salvation or torment. 

This season, Loyalist Warlords saw 44.5% use and an overall win rate of 50.9%. They were just slightly outdone by their Traitor brethren, who saw 44.2% use but with a 51% win rate. 

The Alpha Legion, not included in either the Loyalist or Traitor tally, stands at 9.3% use and a 53.5% win rate. Hydra Dominatus!

Come back next month for the next season meta report!

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