New balance patch! The Death Guard’s inexorable march continues!


Fear is an illusion.


Balance changes arrive! As the Death Guard march across the blighted surface of Terra, Nurgle blessed them with further gifts to enhance their already disgusting resilience on the battlefield. The corrupted Death Guard receive several well deserved balance changes to bring them closer to other factions in Ranked and Unranked.

Four other factions receive changes, to keep in check some of the most dominant decks in the meta as of late. The Loyalist and Traitor Legios receive several changes to make it harder for them to load and shoot their Titan Weapons in a single turn, as well as some troop and weapon nerfs.

The Raven Guard also see some changes aimed at curbing Corvus Corax’s dominance of the leaderboards, and making it harder to complete their mission card.

Lastly, the Sons of Horus see just one card tweaked, Frontal Assault. It is a key part of a powerful combo, which now remains feasible but slightly less prevalent.

● Favourite of Nurgle: Lower cost from 5 to 4
● Gift of Fortitude: Lower cost from 4 to 3
● Geldurk Squad: Change description to “Rally: Give 0/+2 to a friendly unit”
● Guorzlat Squad: Lower ability cost from 4 to 3
● Ignatius Grulgor: Backlash now puts in play a Plague Elite instead of Plague Marine. Increase attack from 5 to 6
● The Reaping: Increase cost from 2 to 3 and change description to “Give Can’t Attack to all enemy troops until your next turn”
● Chosen of Nurgle: Lower requirement from 5 to 4

● Plasma Destructor: Lower damage from 4 to 2
● Missile Launcher: Increase cost from 1 to 2
● Paragon of Conquest: Change description to “Load the Siege ability of a friendly unit and give it Shield”
● Astraman Warhound: Change stats from 9/9 to 8/8
● Munition Silos: Increase ability cost from 1 to 2
● Promethium Depot: Change description to “(0) Lower by 2 the cost of a friendly Titan Weapon’s ability this turn. Destroy this troop”

● Hatred Unbound: Now gives +1/0 instead of +2/0
● Hand of Ruin: Lower health from 6 to 5
● Denola: Lower attack from 8 to 7
● Accelerated Autoloader: Lower cost from 2 to 1. Change description to “Lower by 2 the cost of a friendly Titan Weapon’s ability this turn”
● Quake Cannon: Increase ability cost from 2 to 3

● Frontal Assault: Lower cost from 7 to 6 and change description to: “Give +2/0 to your units this turn”

● Agapito Nev: Increase initiative from Medium to High
● Curse of the Raven: Increase cost from 2 to 3
● Chovani Squad: Change Rally to Backlash
● Shadow Killers: Increase cost from 6 to 7
● Predatory Strike: Lower cost from 2 to 1. No longer draws a card

These changes are now live in regular and event play! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

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