The Silent Sisterhood returns with renewed zeal


“Only in silence, one can hear the Truth.”

– Jenetia Krole

When word of the infamous actions that took place on Isstvan V reached Terra, the Imperial Capital prepared for a war that would forever change the Imperium of Mankind, its consequences rippling through the millennia. Among the forces that geared up for the conflict, the Sisters of Silence became one of the main weapons of the Imperium to combat those tainted by the Ruinous Powers, and any daemonic forces that might make their way into realspace.

In this balance update, the Sisters of Silence head back into the battlefield, with improved wargear and great determination! After the events of Isstvan V, they are ready to combat any who dare defile the Emperor’s grand work. On the other hand, the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard drained all their forces to survive the Dropsite Massacre, and are now suffering the consequences.


Kharon Acquisitor: Increase Attack from 8 to 9.
Steel Foxes: Increase Attack from 2 to 3.
Psychic Anathema: Lower the cost from 7 to 6.
Frozen Heart: Gain Frontline.
Pursuer Mistress: Increase Health from 4 to 5.
Ebon Naroda: Increase Attack from 3 to 5.
Witch-Seeker: Lower ability cost from 1 to 0.
White Asps: Lower Attack from 6 to 5.
Ice Dragons: Increase Health from 2 to 3.


Unseen Strike: Increase the cost from 3 to 4.
Ligeia Sky-hunters: Lower Health from 3 to 2.
Sergeant Ruwan: Lower Health from 6 to 5.
Voyde Dark Furies: Change stats to 4/5.
Warriors of Deliverance: Change description to: ‘Draw 3 cards. Lower the cost of any Raven Guard troops drawn by 1’ (instead of lowering the cost by 2).


Irgan Squad: Remove Survivor and increase Health from 2 to 3.
Mount Deathfire: Change description to: ‘Return to your hand 3 friendly troops that died this game. They cost 1 less’ (instead of 2 less).
Ardent Zeal: Change description to: ‘Give +4/+4 to a friendly troop’ (instead of +5/+5).
Disciple of the Flames: Lower Survivor from 2 to 1.
Xak’aree Terminators: Change description to ‘Survivor 2. When another friendly unit triggers Survivor, create a random Artifact in your hand’ (instead of all friendly units).


Gabriel Santar: Change description to: ‘When you put in play a troop with Pride, give it 0/+1″ (instead of when it triggers Pride).
Immortal Sergeant: Lower Health from 4 to 3.
Cadmiax: Change description to: ‘Choose an Iron Hands Astartes and put it in your hand. It costs 1 less’ (instead of lowering the cost by 2).

These changes are already in the game! Log in and conquer the battlefield to claim your rightful place as this month’s Warmaster!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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