Card changes to adapt to the new Poison mechanic


“Can you fight an enemy that kills you from within?”

– Mortarion

The Death Guard is here! Right as Mortarion’s Legion gathers, ready to assault Terra, they receive an update to their arsenal to make them even more deadly. With their new wargear and toxic concoctions, the effect of their iconic Poison trait has received a major change.

Besides the Death Guard, multiple factions had very limited access to this trait. These cards have also received an update to make them fit the new Poison mechanic. Take a look at all the changes.


Poison now stacks after a Poisonous unit damages another unit in combat. At the start of its controller’s turn, a poisoned unit will receive damage equal to its Poison stacks and then lose a stack of Poison. Poisonous X units apply stacks of Poison equal to X after damaging an enemy.


  • Chosen of Nurgle: changed Mission requirement to “Start your turn with a Poisonous troop in play, 5 times”
  • Herald of Pestilence: changed description to “Your Warlord gains ‘Give Poisonous 2 to Death Guard troops you put in play'”
  • Caipha Morarg: changed ability to “(2) Put in play a Raccom Squad
  • Daemon Prince Mortarion (Isstvan III): changed text to “(2) Heal 4 to himself. Unstoppable. Poisonous 2”
  • Whispers of Chaos: increased cost to 25 and changed description to “Your warlord is blessed by Chaos. -1 cost when an enemy receives Poison”
  • Temeter Squad: changed description to “Relentless: Put a Toxic Blessing in your hand”
  • Flakmus Land Speeder: changed description to “Flank. Rally: If you control no other troops, gain Poisonous 1”
  • Sergeant Taragth: changed description to “Rally: Deal 2 damage. If target dies, gain Poisonous 2”
  • Executors: changed ability to “(1) Give Poison 2 to an enemy”
  • Phordal Squad: changed description to “Unstoppable. Poisonous 1”
  • Osgarg Squad: changed description to “Rally: Give Poison 2 to an enemy troop or remove Poison from a friendly troop”
  • Captain Holgoarg: changed attack to 5 and description to “Poisonous 1. Rally: Give Poisonous 1 to your other troops”
  • Plague Elite: changed description to “Poisonous 2. Relentless: Heals fully”
  • The Imperial Reaper: changed description to “Front Line. Backlash: Give Poison 2 to all enemies”
  • Chem-munition: increased cost to 2 and changed description to “Give Poisonous 1 to your troops”
  • Phosphex Bomb: changed description to “Give Poison 2 to a non-Warlord enemy. Draw a card”
  • Blessing of Nurgle: increased cost to 5 and changed description to “Remove Poison from your troops and give them Poisonous 2”
  • Death Cloud: changed description to “Give Poison 3 to all troops in play”
  • Spectre of Death: changed description to “Destroy an enemy troop. Give Poison 2 to adjacent units”
  • Corrupted Grulgor: increased attack to 6 and changed ability to “Poisonous 1. (3) Put In play one Plague Drone”
  • Destroyer plague: changed description to “Reflection. Destroy an enemy troop with Poison”


  • Cor’bax Utterblight: changed ability to “(2) Give Poison 2 to a random enemy troop”
  • Rot Swarm: changed description to “Unstoppable. Poisonous 1. When an enemy dies, put in play a 1/3 Rot Fly”
  • Rot Fly: removed Poisonous effect
  • Bileblade: changed description to “Give your Warlord +1/0 and Poisonous 1”
  • Miasma of Rot: changed mutation description to “Gain Poisonous 1 and 0/+2”
  • Harbinger of Vermin: changed description to “Poisonous 1. When this troop receives a Mutation, heal 2 to all your units”


  • Bogsophel: changed “Poisonous” to “Poisonous 3”
  • Battle Flies: reduced Health to 6 and Maintenance to 2. Changed “Poisonous” to “Poisonous 2”
  • Plague Drone: reduced Attack to 1 and changed “Poisonous” to “Poisonous 2”
  • Bile, Hell Cannon: changed ability to “(2) Give Poison 3 to an enemy”
  • Mark of Nurgle: changed description to “Gain Poisonous 1 and 0/+2”


  • Sergeant Khorak: changed description to “Resolution: Heals 3. Rally: Give Poison 3 to an enemy troop”

These changes are now live, together with the new Death Guard! Log in and get ready to cover the battlefield in death and decay!

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