Daemons of the Ruinstorm Released


“I am Ka’Bandha, General of the First Host!”

Ka’Bandha, Bloodthirster of Khorne

The die is cast. The trap is sprung. The Daemons of the Ruinstorm have been unleashed. Wash away the living in tides of blood and hellfire!

New faction: Daemons of the Ruinstorm

Called forth from the Warp by the suffering and death of countless billions, the Daemons of the Ruinstorm are the unnameable terrors beyond the veil of space. These forces of darkness will hurtle like a raging thunderbolt through the ranks of the living, ever twisting and changing to suit their violent temperament.

Daemons of the Ruinstorm Warlords

3 collectible Warlords bring destruction and ruin upon the Signus system, the primordial annihilator made manifest. 

  • Ka’Bandha: General of the Daemon Host of Signus and one of Khorne’s most feared servants.
  • Cor’bax Utterblight: A corpulent and bloated creature of Nurgle that spreads a tidal wave of rot and disease before him.
  • Kyriss the Perverse: Mastermind of the Signus treachery, an androgynous manifestation of excess, pleasure and pain. 

How to get Daemons of the Ruinstorm cards

There are several ways to collect the cards from this foul faction:

  • Ruinstorm crates in the shop have at least 3 Daemons of the Ruinstorm cards, 1 of them rare of better.
  • A starter deck with Kyriss as warlord and an exclusive card back.
  • Each reward crate in the ‘Fear to Tread’ event has at least 1 Daemons of the Ruinstorm card.
  • Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.
  • VIP subscribers will find 1 guaranteed Daemons of the Ruinstorm card in their Daily Mission crate during the ‘Fear to Tread’ event.

New trait: Mutation 

The Warp is change, the only constant of chaos. Mutation is a new mechanic to represent the shifting unreality of the neverborn and the kaleidoscopic variation to the violence that the Daemons of the Ruinstorm were known to steep themselves in.

There are several ways to give your Daemons a Mutation, from Tactics to Troop abilities. Mutations will grant one buff out of ten possible Mutations, ranging from offensive buffs like Attack bonuses or Cleave, to defensive buffs like Ward and Survivor. Unlike other random buff effects like Daemonhost or Marks of Chaos, every time a Daemon receives a Mutation, the controlling player will be given a choice amongst 3 possible Mutations – and Mutations that offer stat buffs can be stacked!

New trait: Ruinstorm

Brought forth by the waxing power of the Ruinstorm, the Daemons of the Ruinstorm were a far different breed than that called out by simple rituals of summoning. The power was their own, the naked might of the Warp set loose by its own will.

The Daemons of the Ruinstorm constitute a new faction in the game, which can only rely on neutral cards from the Chaos faction to reinforce their decks. A deck with a Ruinstorm warlord cannot include Imperial Army or Mechanicum cards.

Sanguinius vs Ka'Bandha

New Event: Fear to Tread

Following the Warmaster’s orders, Sanguinius takes his Legion to the Signus system. Lured by the promise of a cure to the Red Thirst that plagues his sons, Sanguinius finds instead the deadly trap set by the Daemons of the Ruinstorm.

As the foul creatures of the Immaterium are set loose upon the Galaxy, will you take command of them or try to stop their endless tides?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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