September Meta: Salamanders and World Eaters clash in the new report!


September is over and after its season of galactic warfare, a new Warmaster has taken the title! This month’s data has been collected, so it’s time to take a look at the numbers from this last competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (3800+) and Low Terra (2500-3800) have evolved. 

“Behold the flames of rebirth!”

– Vulkan

This season brings some movement among the ranks, with a few Warlords taking a big leap into the top positions. The highest ranks of High Terra have become a bit stagnant, with their Warlords keeping their positions for many months. The rest of the ranking, however, tells another story. Let’s take a closer look and check how the ranks have evolved.

Low Terra

There’s a new champion of Low Terra! Luther takes a huge rank leap and gets to the highest rank in one fell swoop in this month’s season following his balance changes. Also benefiting from his balance changes, Vulkan enters the top 10 after the last season and confidently takes the second spot, followed by Khârn and Camba-Diaz, who fell down a bit in this season. Gabriel Santar closes the ranks of the first half of the top 10, also falling a bit in the ranks in comparison to last season.

Raum leads the lower half of the top 10 with the highest Win Rate among the most lauded Warlords of Low Terra. After him, Leman Russ falls a bit in comparison to last month, contrasting with Shabran Darr, who takes the eighth spot after taking a sizeable climb during this month. Rogal Dorn doesn’t take a single step backwards, and manages to keep his previous month’s rank, followed by his brother Angron who closes Low Terra’s top 10 with yet another Warlord in representation of the World Eaters. Outside the top 10, it’s worth taking note of Kaeria Casryn taking a big jump and reaching the thirteenth spot and Nerat Kirine making sizeable advances and claiming the nineteenth rank.

Win Rate Use Rate
1 Luther 55% 9,7%
2 Vulkan 54% 6,9%
3 Khârn 56% 5,3%
4 Camba-Diaz 55% 5,2%
5 Santar 55% 3,9%
6 Raum 58% 3,6%
7 Leman Russ 55% 2,4%
8 Shabran 56% 2,4%
9 Rogal Dorn 52% 2,4%
10 Angron 54% 2,2%
11 Corswain 56% 2,0%
12 Raldoron 53% 1,8%
13 Kaeria Casryn 57% 1,8%
14 Ferrus Manus 52% 1,8%
15 Malcador 49% 1,7%
16 Lucretia Elunnirai 57% 1,6%
17 Sanguinius 53% 1,6%
18 Konrad Curze 51% 1,6%
19 Nerat Kirine 52% 1,4%
20 Tylos Rubio 52% 1,3%
21 Zahariel 57% 1,3%
22 Horus 52% 1,3%
23 Exodus 54% 1,2%
24 Merir Astelan 57% 1,2%
25 Ka’Bandha 55% 1,2%
26 Cassian Vaughn 57% 1,1%
27 Corvus Corax 54% 1,1%
28 Lorgar 49% 1,1%
29 Cor’bax Utterblight 57% 1,0%
30 Alpharius 51% 1,0%
31 Nykona Sharrowkyn 59% 1,0%
32 Lion El’Jonson 54% 1,0%
33 Tarvitz 54% 1,0%

High Terra

All hail king Khârn! The World Eater once again takes the highest echelon of High Terra, brandishing an astounding Use Rate. One that is fairly closely matched by Vulkan, who takes a big leap to the second spot. Gabriel Santar takes an unmovable stand in the third spot, followed by Lucretia and Camba-Diaz, both of whom have fallen slightly compared to last month.

Leading the lower half of High Terra’s Top Ten, Luther takes another huge jump up the ranks and claims the sixth spot. Another Warlord who made a sizeable climb is Kaeria, who follows him in the seventh spot, followed very closely by Lorgar in the eighth rank. Amon Tauromachian makes another big climb and takes the ninth spot with the highest Win Rate of High Terra. Similar to Low Terra, Angron closes the top 10 of High Terra, awaiting a new chance to prove himself. His brother Lion almost manages to get in the top positions after climbing relentlessly during the month. Another notable jump in positions would be that of Ar’gakhol, who after his climb has claimed the eighteenth spot.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Khârn 57% 14,1%
2 Vulkan 57% 10,9%
3 Santar 54% 6,1%
4 Lucretia Elunnirai 59% 4,9%
5 Camba-Diaz 53% 4,6%
6 Luther 52% 4,3%
7 Kaeria Casryn 55% 2,8%
8 Lorgar 49% 2,5%
9 Amon Tauromachian 60% 2,3%
10 Angron 52% 2,2%
11 Lion El’Jonson 56% 2,1%
12 Raum 52% 2,0%
13 Corswain 51% 2,0%
14 Shabran 58% 2,0%
15 Flaymaster Mawdrym 53% 1,8%
16 Horus 54% 1,5%
17 Tylos Rubio 50% 1,4%
18 Ar’gakhol Goreborn 55% 1,3%
19 Corvus Corax 50% 1,3%
20 Ulrach Branthan 53% 1,2%
21 Malcador 45% 1,2%
22 Arascid Nassau 54% 1,1%
23 Zahariel 51% 1,1%
24 Nerat Kirine 54% 1,0%
25 Kelbor-Hal 52% 1,0%
26 Roboute Guilliman 50% 1,0%

The new season has begun! October is here, and there’s a new campaign available to all players. Have you never played as the World Eaters? Try them in the battlefield as you experience the beginning of the Heresy! Check out the campaign’s trailer:

What are your plans for the new competitive season? Will you adapt and try to beat the dominating Warlords? Will you try to push through the thick of war with unexpected tactics? Ready your bolter and take to the battlefield, the competition is already on!

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