New balance patch! The Word Bearers embrace the power of Chaos this month


This will amuse me a great deal.


Balance changes arrive! Following the Shadow Crusade that wracked Ultramar, the Word Bearers have gained many mighty boons following their sacrifices to the Chaos Gods. The tainted 17th Legion receive several balance changes to bring them closer to other factions and boost their ability in both Ranked and Practice.

Four other factions receive changes, with both sides of the Titan Legios having cards modified, as well as additional Emperor’s Children cards to ensure they remain balanced in this month’s new meta.

● Chosen of the Gods: Change description to “A friendly unit kills a friendly troop, 4 times”
● Erebus: Increase initiative from Low to Medium
● Book of Lorgar: Lower the cost to 3. Change description to “Your Warlord gains: ‘Remove the Maintenance of friendly Daemons.’. Put a lesser Daemon in play”
● Zealous Pawn: Lower cost to 0
● Dark Channelling: Lower cost to 4. Change description “Add 2 lesser Daemons to your hand. They cost 2 less”
● Mutant Astartes: Change description to “Cleave 4. Resolution: Destroy another random friendly troop and gain +2/+2”
● Sor Talgron: Increase stats from 8/8 to 9/9
● Kor Phaeron: New special card “Dark Sermon”
● Dark Sermon: (1) Give +1/+1 and Survivor 1 to a friendly Infantry or Astartes

● Portent of Doom: Increase cost from 3 to 4
● Heedless Charge: Increase cost from 4 to 5
● Creeping Madness: Lower cost from 2 to 1

● Belicosa Cannon: It now has Overload
● Display of Might: Increase cost from 4 to 5
● Steel Claw: Lose Shield
● Catastrophic Damage: Increase cost from 5 to 6

● Marius Vairosean: Lower ability cost from 2 to 1
● Hold at All Costs: Change description to “Draw 3 cards. Perfection: Refill 3 Energy”
● Concentrated Fire: Change description to “Give +1/0 this turn to your Warlord for every friendly Emperor’s Children unit. Perfection: Also heal 2”
● Fabius Bile: New special card “Experimental Cloning”
● Experimental Cloning: (1) Choose an Astartes that died this game and add it to your deck

● Imperium Secundus: Change description to “Choose an Astartes from Ultramarines, Blood Angels or Dark Angels. Add it to your hand”

● Tarik Torgaddon: Gain ability ‘Friendly Drop Pods have +1/+1’

● Add Khazdrak to Madail’s pool of lesser daemons
● Add Sheed Ranko to One of Many’s pool

These changes are now live in regular and event play! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

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