Torgaddon pits himself against the Ravenlord in September’s ranked season!


And so the tides shift.


September has ended, a new Warmaster has taken the title and there’s a new competitive season on the go! As usual at the end of month of epic battles across a war-torn Galaxy, the stats are in. It’s time to look at the numbers from last month’s ranked season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. 

Low Terra

Captain of the 2nd Company and recently manifested daemon, Torgaddon/Tormageddon drop pods into the top spot, dislodging Corvus Corax from his primacy. Corax remains vigilant in the 2nd spot, and pushes his former subordinate, Nerat Kirine, to the 3rd position. Sigismund duels further up the ranking to 4th position from 6th, eager to reclaim his top spot and Santar slips to 5th position from 4th, but manages to remain in the top 5.

Raum, gatekeeper of the top 5, holds strong at 6th, fending off the frenzied attacks of his once close ally, Khârn, who is locked in 7th. Guilliman suffers a mighty blow as he drops to 8th from 3rd, holding off Sheed Ranko’s subtle attacks in 9th, who reveals himself for the first time. Sevatar rounds off the top 10, beating back his insane Primarch at 11th. Leman Russ makes a powerful leap from 31st to 17th, while Kor Phaeron worships his way from sub-35th, to 18th position.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Torgaddon 56% 5.0%
2 Corvus Corax 56% 4.2%
3 Nerat Kirine 54% 3.5%
4 Sigismund 58% 2.5%
5 Santar 54% 2.4%
6 Raum 59% 2.4%
7 Khârn 56% 2.0%
8 Roboute Guilliman 56% 2.0%
9 Sheed Ranko 54% 2.0%
10 Sevatar 56% 1.9%
11 Konrad Curze 54% 1.8%
12 Luther 57% 1.8%
13 Exodus 52% 1.8%
14 Lucretia Elunnirai 54% 1.7%
15 Magnificum Incendium 63% 1.6%
16 Cor’bax Utterblight 57% 1.6%
17 Leman Russ 54% 1.5%
18 Kor Phaeron 52% 1.5%
19 Camba-Diaz 58% 1.5%
20 Jangsai Khan 53% 1.4%
21 Kaeria Casryn 54% 1.4%
22 Marius Gage 55% 1.4%
23 Tarvitz 53% 1.4%
24 Geigor Fell-Hand 53% 1.3%
25 Ar’gakhol Goreborn 55% 1.3%
26 Angron 51% 1.3%
27 Vulkan 54% 1.2%
28 Kroeger 54% 1.2%
29 Hatred Unbound 64% 1.2%
30 Jenetia Krole 54% 1.1%
31 Shabran 54% 1.1%
32 Horus 57% 1.1%
33 Alpharius 46% 1.0%
34 Arascid Nassau 50% 1.0%
35 Ka’Bandha 56% 1.0%

High Terra

Managing to hit and run his way to maintaining top spot on High Terra, the Ravenlord successfully defends against the brutal assault by Khârn, resulting in both of them locking the 1st and 2nd spots respectively. Sheed Ranko makes a great first appearance into 3rd, while Nerat Kirine climbs from 6th to 4th. Torgaddon lands in 5th spot at High Terra, fending off the swordsmanship of Sigismund who finds himself in 6th.

Hatred Unbound, Traitor Titan of Legio Magna continues her advance, blasting her way past Lucretia into 7th, with the latter tumbling to 8th. Santar, fresh from his beautiful alternate art, marches his way from 17th to 9th, with Magnificum Incendius topping off the 10th spot in its first major excursion, toppling Geigor Fell-Hand to 11th. Other notable mentions go to Konrad Curze, seeking to reclaim some measure of glory as he leaps from 29th to 15th position. Lucius, once master of Terra, continues his fall from grace from 2nd, down to 47th position.

  Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Corvus Corax 56% 7.9%
2 Khârn 59% 6.4%
3 Sheed Ranko 56% 5.6%
4 Nerat Kirine 52% 5.3%
5 Torgaddon 52% 5.0%
6 Sigismund 60% 4.9%
7 Hatred Unbound 65% 4.1%
8 Lucretia Elunnirai 52% 3.5%
9 Santar 47% 2.5%
10 Magnificum Incendium 63% 2.4%
11 Geigor Fell-Hand 55% 2.3%
12 Questoris Ærthegn 56% 2.3%
13 Kor Phaeron 56% 1.8%
14 Exodus 49% 1.7%
15 Konrad Curze 49% 1.7%
16 Nuntio Dolores 60% 1.6%
17 Nomus Rhy’tan 62% 1.5%
18 Kaeria Casryn 52% 1.5%
19 Raum 59% 1.4%
20 Thaddeus Fayle 53% 1.3%
21 Cor’bax Utterblight 56% 1.3%
22 Jangsai Khan 52% 1.3%
23 Vulkan 58% 1.2%
24 Leman Russ 54% 1.2%
25 Aurem Castigator 64% 1.1%
26 Angron 49% 1.0%
27 Kroeger 50% 1.0%

The Ravenlord faces contenders on all sides, with the feared Sons of Horus even toppling him at Low Terra. New Warlords arrive to shake up the meta, with some who were once renowned now cast down, as new challengers arrive to test their mettle. Who will claim top spot next month? 

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