Numeon sparks the flame in the latest meta report


“Now is the hour of spear and flame.”

– Artellus Numeon

September’s ranked season has come to an end with a new Warmaster taking the title and a new competitive season already on the go! It’s time to take a look at the numbers from last month’s competitive season and check how the rankings in High Terra (rating 3800+) and Low Terra (rating 2500-3800) have evolved. Did the inclusion of new warlords and neutral cards cause a notable shift in how current decks are played?

Low Terra

Gabriel Santar keeps his dominance in Low Terra, leading the Iron Hands into victory after victory. Corax flies into the second spot, keeping a high Win Rate after a month of retribution. He is followed by one of his brothers, Mortarion, who inexorably advances towards the first spot, and by Numeon, who has seen a great deal of success during September. Finally, Angron closes the top 5 satiating his thirst for blood and skulls after ascending from the 7th spot.

One of the first Warlords all players will unlock when starting the game, Camba Diaz, has remained steady in the ranks, keeping his enemies in check with a very high win rate. Meanwhile Sota-Nul improves her position to a respectable 15th rank, while Aloceri scales positions to bring the Dark Angels back into the fight for the top ranks.

# Warlord Win Rate Use rate
1 Gabriel Santar 58% 5.9%
2 Corvus Corax 58% 4.1%
3 Mortarion 57% 3.8%
4 Numeon 62% 3.4%
5 Angron 55% 3.3%
6 Jaghatai Khan 58% 3.3%
7 Cor’bax Utterblight 53% 2.7%
8 Calas Typhon 56% 2.4%
9 Kargos 57% 2.3%
10 Horus 55% 2.2%
11 Camba-Diaz 60% 2.2%
12 Luther 59% 2.1%
13 Tacitus Proctor 57% 1.8%
14 Pious Vex 55% 1.8%
15 Sota-Nul 55% 1.6%
16 Konrad Curze 57% 1.5%
17 Kaeria Casryn 57% 1.5%
18 Ferrus Manus 55% 1.4%
19 Exodus 52% 1.3%
20 Ka’Bandha 57% 1.2%
21 Tybalt Marr 61% 1.2%
22 Sigismund 61% 1.2%
23 Kroeger 55% 1.1%
24 Caipha Morarg 58% 1.1%
25 Tylos Rubio 54% 1.1%
26 Branne Nev 48% 1.1%
27 Abaddon 58% 1.1%
28 Aloceri 54% 1.1%
29 Marius Vairosean 55% 1.0%
30 Perturabo 51% 1.0%

High Terra

Numeon manages to take the spotlight this month, achieving the first spot with a very solid win rate. Corvus Corax lifts the Raven Guard to the top spots, filling in for Branne Nev who fell from the top ranks after the last balance patch. Angron keeps a very strong position in the third rank, closely followed by the Great Khan, whose win rate has increased significantly in the current month. Closing the top 5, Gabriel Santar leads the Iron Hands with a very respectable success rate, climbing up from last month’s 8th spot.

Chaos Spawn and Tacitus Proctor have adapted to the latest meta with great success, achieving the 7th and 17th spots respectively after many months out of the top ranks. Sigismund’s Black Sword has tasted the blood of many victims this month with a frightening win rate, climbing steadily through the ranks. Will his impressive rise continue?

# Warlord Win Rate Use Rate
1 Numeon  63% 12.7%
2 Corvus Corax  57% 8.3%
3 Angron  55% 7.1%
4 Jaghatai Khan 58% 6.2%
5 Gabriel Santar  52% 5.8%
6 Camba-Diaz 53% 2.9%
7 Chaos Spawn 55% 2.7%
8 Horus 48% 2.4%
9 Cor’bax Utterblight 45% 2.0%
10 Questoris Makabius 63% 1.9%
11 Kargos  56% 1.9%
12 Ferrus Manus 54% 1.8%
13 Abaddon  49% 1.7%
14 Caipha Morarg 51% 1.6%
15 Mortarion  45% 1.5%
16 Sigismund 67% 1.5%
17 Tacitus Proctor 48% 1.3%
18 Alexis Polux 61% 1.2%
19 Sanakht 62% 1.2%
20 Fulgrim  51% 1.2%
21 Ka’Bandha 47% 1.2%
22 Calas Typhon  46% 1.2%
23 Farith Redloss 52% 1.2%
24 Aloceri 58% 1.1%
25 Kaeria Casryn 55% 1.1%
26 Kroeger 54% 1.0%
27 Saul Niborran 52% 1.0%

Can the Salamanders continue their burning dominance? Will they be toppled from the first spot? The Dropsite Massacre expansion is now fully released and a new competitive season is already live! Hone your deck-building skills and put to use the neutral reinforcements. Good luck on the battlefield, commander!

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