The Shadow of the Warmaster brings a new balance patch!


“So comes the beginning of the end.”

– Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain

Balance changes herald the arrival of the Warmaster! As the defenders of Terra and the Imperium stand ready to repel the forces of Chaos, both sides take preparations and resupply for the next stage of the siege! 

Multiple factions receive balance changes in preparation for the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion going live, adapting them to the new competitive scene after many cards from the Isstvan III set become exclusive to the Legacy game mode.


  • Chosen of the Four: Increase mission requirement from 6 to 10
  • Tybalt Marr: Ability now puts in play an Ayax Squad instead of an Abakhol Squad
  • Muster for Lupercal: Change description to: ‘Create 4 Sons of Horus Astartes in your hand. They cost 2 less ‘


  • Servo-automata: Change ability to (0) Give +1/+1 to a friendly Vehicle
  • Terraforming: Change description to ‘Choose a Neutral Structure and put two copies of it in your hand’
  • Combat Automata: Change description to ‘ Backlash: Deal 1 damage to a random enemy ‘
  • Zagreus Kane: Change description to ‘ When you play a Mechanicum card, gain +1/+1’
  • Dark Tech-adept: Change description to ‘ Resolution: Give a Mark of Chaos to a random friendly Vehicle ‘


  • Lord of the Flies: Change ability to ‘(2) Deal 1 damage. If target dies, put in play a Plague Drone’
  • Fate’s Death: Change ability to ‘(1) Deal 4 damage (Ordnance 2). If target dies, add a Temptation to your hand.”
  • New Lesser Daemon trait: Cards that interact with Lesser Daemons will now only take into account cards with the new Lesser Daemon trait
  • New Greater Daemon trait: Troops with 4 Marks of Chaos will now only transform into daemons with the new Greater Daemons trait


  • Ground Defence: Change description to ‘Put in play 3 Improvised Cover’
  • Arcology: Change description to ‘ Can’t Attack. Resolution: Put in play a Power Axe Section. Backlash: Put in play 5 Displaced Civilian’


  • For the Blood God: It now summons the new Gahrulkh Greater Daemon instead of a Slayer of Worlds if it kills 5 or more troops


  • Corrupted Grulgor: It now puts into play a Plague Drone instead of Battle Flies


  • Counterattack: Change description to ‘Put in play two Displaced Civilian’


  • Jadimas Squad: Resolution now puts in play an Undercover Cultist instead of a Horsa Cultist


These changes are now live, together with the new Shadow of the Warmaster expansion! Log in and let us know your thoughts!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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