The Sisters of Silence scour the battlefield


“Only in silence, one can hear the Truth.”

– Jenetia Krole, Knight-Commander

The Sisters of Silence confront the Immaterium and the invisible forces that conspire against the Imperium as they join the game in the Siege of Terra expansion. Lead the Silent Sisterhood and protect the Imperium!

New faction: Sisters of Silence

Hard to perceive, clad in Vratine, fast and skilled warriors, the Sisters of Silence have always been fearful opponents whenever they arrive to the battlefield. Their unique status as blanks makes them essentially impervious to the powers of the Warp, and that transforms them into the greatest psyker hunters in the Imperium. Their presence in Prospero’s Censure Host was no coincidence, and it will be key once again in Terra if the loyalists expect to defeat the traitor’s onslaught.

Sisters of Silence warlords

Three collectable Warlords lead the Silent Sisterhood as they prepare to hunt the witch:

  • Amendera Kendel: An unparalleled psyker hunter who went on to become Malcador’s Agentia Tertius.
  • Varonika Sulath: High ranking member of the Sisterhood. She oversaw the implementation of the Unspoken Sanction.
  • Jenetia Krole: Great leader of the Silent Sisterhood, who became one of the Emperor’s personal battle confidantes.

How to get Sisters of Silence cards

You can collect Sisters of Silence cards in several ways:

  • Each reward crate in the ‘Battle of Somnus Citadel’ event has at least 1 Sisters of Silence card.
  • Sisters of Silence crates in the shop have at least 3 Sisters of Silence cards, 1 of them rare of better.
  • A constructed deck in the shop, with Amendera Kendel as warlord and an exclusive card back. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
  • Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.
  • VIP subscribers will find 1 guaranteed Sisters of Silence card in their Daily Mission crate during the ‘Battle of Somnus Citadel’ event.

New event: ‘Battle of Somnus Citadel’

The first event of the Sisters of Silence tests them against the forces of Chaos that invaded the Somnus Citadel. At the start of the Heresy, the Sisters of Silence took in refugees from the Death Guard in the Somnus Citadel, their headquarters on Luna. Unfortunately Solun Decius, one of these survivors, gave in to Nurgle and started a warp infestation inside the citadel. Which side will you fight for in this battle? Will you aid the Sisters of Silence or the daemonic forces of Nurgle?

The Sisters of Silence are now live. Take control of the Silent Sisterhood and scour the battlefield!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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