The new Sons of Horus are ready to conquer Terra


“I will see the Galaxy freed once more!”

– Warmaster Horus

The Sons of Horus make planetfall!

The Sons of Horus set foot on Terra as the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion arrives with a host of new content and features in the largest expansion since the game was released! Get two FREE decks, collect cards faster than ever with the new Battle Pass system and discover a completely new Legion with amazing original art and renewed visuals.

Bearing gifts from the Ruinous powers, the Sons of Horus stand deadlier than ever as the biggest threat to the Imperium of Mankind. Known for their Speartip attacks and Drop Pod assaults, the Warmaster’s own have been augmented by the Marks of the Gods, and are now ready to claim Terra in their name. 

Sons of Horus Warlords

Three iconic characters from the novels make their way into the game as collectable Warlords, ready to lead the Sons of Horus as they muster to assault the Imperial Palace:

  • Horus Aximand: A deadly fighter and keen strategist who has led the Sons of Horus for many decades in the Warmaster’s name.
  • Ezekyle Abaddon: First Captain and Chieftain of the Justaerin elite, Abaddon was a legendary name even before the Sons of Horus fell to Chaos. Now his name strikes fear into the Warmaster’s foes.
  • Horus Lupercal: Primarch of the Sons of Horus and Warmaster, Horus is both a masterful warrior and perhaps the greatest tactical mind in the galaxy. Now, he has accepted the boons of Chaos and seeks to kill his father, the Emperor.

How to start collecting the new cards

  • Shadow of the Warmaster: Wave 1 crates contain 5 random cards, all of them NEW! Cards collected from these value crates will be from the newly released Sons of Horus and neutral cards. 
  • Get two whole decks FOR FREE! Complete the new tutorial and the Starter Pass to get two full decks as a reward. One of them is commanded by Horus Aximand and contains many of the new Sons of Horus and neutral cards. Camba Diaz leads the other deck into battle, with a host of Imperial Fists and other new cards from the Imperial Army. Any duplicates you receive will be converted into gems.
  • Get AMAZING VALUE with the new Battle Pass! Complete missions to unlock rewards as part of the new Battle Pass system, such as coins, tickets, new Warlords and cards. Unlock the Premium Pass to get even more rewards, including an ALTERNATE ART!
  • Play the event and fill your collection! Each reward crate in the upcoming ‘The Sunken Speartip’ event has at least 1 of the new Sons of Horus and neutral cards.
  • Check out the Daily shop! Every day there will be new cards for sale with gems for a limited time. Keep your eyes open!

New Battle Pass: Horus Aximand

The first-ever Battle Pass focuses on the Warmaster’s own Legion, the newly released Sons of Horus. Play games and complete missions to earn points and advance through the reward track and earn amazing prizes, including cards, in-game currency and themed cosmetics. If you get the Premium Pass, you will unlock a whole additional reward track filled with extra prizes like legendary cards and exclusive cosmetics such as an amazing alternate art for Horus Aximand!

Players who have completed the Starter Pass that is unlocked at the start of the game will gain access to the free track immediately after. If you want to focus on getting new cards for one faction, make sure to select your preferred faction in the Battle Pass reward track. This way, the card prizes in the reward track will include more cards from your preferred faction to complete your collection!

New event: ‘The Sunken Speartip’

The first event of the Shadow of the Warmaster expansion begins with the Sons of Horus leading a daring breakthrough assault! Locating a weakness in the Saturnine wall, the elite of the XVIth Legion strike! Dorn, however, has planned for this eventuality, and has prepared his own forces to defend against the overwhelming speartip assault! Will you join the Warmaster’s elite, or stand with the defenders of the Palace?

The new Sons of Horus are now live, prepared to storm the Imperium and conquer the Galaxy. Get ready to command the hosts of the Warmaster and log into the game to experience the Horus Heresy like never before!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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