Sons of Horus card reveal schedule


The fighting is not over yet.

Ezekyle Abaddon, First Captain

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Upcoming card reveals! A number of content creators will be unveiling the new Sons of Horus cards during the week, as the date of their release draws near. Check out the schedule!


  • 2pm UTC by Pirate Lahaie on Youtube
  • 3pm UTC by Definitely Not Your Physics Teacher on Youtube
  • 4pm UTC by CiaphasCain on Twitch


  • 2pm UTC by SkuffD on Twitch
  • 3pm UTC by Mr Midnight on Youtube
  • 4pm UTC by Maxiomo on Youtube


  • 2pm UTC by J Thrills on Youtube


  • 1pm UTC by IronDuke on Youtube
  • 2pm UTC by Raziel on Youtube
  • 3pm UTC by Melange Shark on Youtube
  • 4pm UTC by Massucker on Youtube


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