Watch your favourite content creators try out the new Titans on Steam!


Beg not for the mercy you do not deserve.

Aurem Castigator, Legio Gryphonicus Warmaster

With the release of the new Titandeath Expansion, your favourite content creators will be trying their hand at becoming a Princeps of one of the mighty God-Machines. 

Head to our Steam Community page to watch them try out the brand new Loyalist Legio faction!

Check out the Broadcast schedule:

  • Definitely Not Your Physics Teacher – 1st June 7:00pm UTC
  • Skypoint Playing – 2nd June 1:30am UTC
  • CaiphasCain – 2nd June 8pm UTC
  • SkuffD – 3rd June 1:30am UTC
  • Chapter Master Valrak – 3rd June 3pm UTC
  • MrMidnight – 3rd June 5pm UTC 

Be sure to catch them to get their thoughts on the new Loyalist Legio faction, and see what decks they can come up with!