Siege of Terra neutral cards released


“Stone and steel will speak.”

– Rogal Dorn

The Siege of Terra expansion receives its final batch of content with the release of 20 new neutral cards, representing the (mostly) human forces present during the fateful days of the traitors’ assault.


Become an Imperial Army’s elite commander joining the ranks of the Solar Auxilia, enhance your body with Mechadendrites or organize popular insurrections on Terra! Base your deck’s plan around a new theme or include the new neutral cards in your deck to complete your strategy and dominate the battlefield.


A new expansion crate is available for purchase in the shop! The Siege of Terra crates include 5 cards from this expansion. Collect cards from the Imperial Fists, Sisters of Silence and Agents of the Sigillite, as well as the new set of neutral cards, for just 100 coins per crate.

Event prizes and VIP Daily Mission crates also include at least one card from the Siege of Terra expansion.


The Siege has started! Traitor forces land on Terra. The Death Guard are the first to set foot on the Throneworld, releasing their gas and plagues around the walls of the Palace. A well-planned strike by the traitors gives the loyal forces little to no hope at recovering the invaded areas. In this time of despair, Sanguinius, the Great Angel, arrives to lead the Imperial forces to safety through the noxious battlefield.



The last batch of content also brings an update to the shop. Both the basic and the veteran shop, as well as the cosmetic shop, have been expanded to include more items. Now, card shop tabs will offer 10 cards and the cosmetic shop will offer 10 cosmetics every day. Check out the shop daily to complete your collection!

In the fateful battle for the future of the Imperium, will you join the traitor invasion or will you become a protector of Terra?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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