The Horus Heresy: Legions launches on iOS & Android


The Horus Heresy: Legions launches on Android and iOS.

Based on the New York Times bestselling novel series, The Horus Heresy: Legions takes one of the richest settings in the vast Warhammer 40,000 universe and reimagines it as a digital card game where you can build a deck of unstoppable Space Marines to take part in quick, brutal online duels. Lead your Legion with warlords such as Loken, Khârn, Mortarion and many other epic characters, as you relive the battles that tore apart the Imperium of Mankind.

After a very successful Early Access stage, The Horus Heresy: Legions launches with a series of events based on the Battle of Isstvan III, which saw the purge of Loyalists within the first four Traitor Legions. These Legions were:

The Sons of Horus

Having fought alongside the Emperor before being given to Horus very early on during the Great Crusade, the XVI Legion is proud and confident, but always striving to be the best and adapting to every situation in combat. Their signature strategy was the Spear tip, attacking the chain of command directly to achieve a swift victory.

In the game, the Sons of Horus are all about dealing constant damage and drawing cards to keep momentum and never run out of options to react to their opponents. They can even call a devastating attack from the Warmaster’s flagship, The Vengeful Spirit!

Garviel Loken, a key Loyalist from the Sons of Horus, will be the first Warlord you’ll acquire in the game. First Captain Ezekyle Abaddon and the Primarch Horus himself complete the initial roster of collectable XVI Legion Warlords.

The Emperor’s Children

The III Legion is driven by their Primarch to achieve a simple goal: to achieve perfection in every aspect of their lives, whether in combat or in appreciating the arts.  Their flawless discipline allows them to do battle like a brilliantly choreographed dance of death, and they take great pleasure when their strategy works without a fault.

In gameplay, the Emperor’s Children have a unique mechanic: Perfection. When they play a card using all their remaining Energy left in a turn, they may trigger an additional effect to reward them for playing a perfect turn!

The Primarch Fulgrim and the abominable Apothecary Fabius Bile will fight for Horus, while Loyalist fans will get the Loyalist hero Saul Tarvitz, whose actions during the Battle of Isstvan III would be critical for the fate of the galaxy.

The Death Guard

Resilient to the extreme, the XIV Legiones Astartes were trained by their Primarch to be able to fight in any kind of atmosphere. Their path would eventually send them into worshipping the Chaos God Nurgle and become Plague Marines.

In gameplay, the mastery over chemical warfare and Nurgle’s corruption comes to the Death Guard in the form of Poisonous troops that mark their enemies for Death after one turn. Their toughness is easy to feel, as they have more Health and healing than most other Legions.

The Primarch Mortarion, known as the Death Lord, will make the Loyalist yield to his scythe along with Calas Typhon. The Loyalists will be able to play with Nathaniel Garro, who brought word of the Heresy to Terra in an odyssey that would change him forever.

The World Eaters

Forged in gladiatorial culture, almost every Astartes of the XII Legion suffered from a neurosurgical implants imposed by their Primarch. The implant was called the Butcher’s Nails, and it pushed them towards total brutality in combat.

Lacking the taste for complex tactics or sheer exercises of discipline, the World Eaters play into their brutality with cards aimed at running towards their enemy and destroying them before they have time to react. Some of their units, inflicted with the Berzerker trait, must attack every turn, even if it’s not the wisest thing to do. Others may deal damage to their own allies. In any case, few can survive a World Eaters charge.

The Primarch Angron will terrorise the battlefields of Isstvan III, followed by fan favourite Khârn. The Loyalists will be able to play with a forgotten hero, Captain Ehrlen.

More warlords and cards will be introduced during various Events telling the beginning of the The Horus Heresy.

The Horus Heresy: Legions can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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