The Thousand Sons unleash their power!


“Rage against the dying of the light!”
– Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons

The most fan requested Legion is making an ominous entrance! The Thousand Sons are ready to defy history in Prospero where their fate was sealed by the schemings of the Chaos gods and the folly of man. 

New Legion: Thousand Sons
The Thousands Sons have arrived! Magnus and his Red Sorcerers of Prospero are ready to show why the Emperor censured them. The XV Legion features a heavy focus on their Psyker background with a set of unique new mechanics to play in a whole new way: conjure psychic energy, overwhelm your opponents with powers that can be played multiple times per turn and use precognition to protect your units from attacks!

Ahzek Ahriman, Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons

New Event: Prospero Burns
The Space Wolves make planetfall on Prospero and launch a massive offensive against the Thousand Sons in Tizca. Leman Russ seeks Magnus the Red in the City of Light as his Wolves tear it apart battling the Red Sorcerers. Will you let history be as is it is known, or will you fight to change the destiny of the XV Legion? 

Three collectable Warlords are coming to meet the Emperor’s censure force first:

● Phosis T’kar: A powerful telekinetic psyker able to conjure psychic barriers that can withstand a Titan’s barrage. 
● Ahzek Ahriman: The Legion’s Chief Librarian, capable of seeing into the future with his innate powers of precognition to warn his troops of incoming attacks.
● Magnus the Red: The Primarch of the Thousand Sons can either unleash psychic attacks, or protect himself or his sons from damage. Deal enough damage to him, however, and he will be able to play this Whispers of Chaos card to become a Shard of Magnus!

Choose your side and fight for who you think really did nothing wrong!

How to Get Thousand Sons Cards
You can collect the Red Sorcerers of Prospero in several ways:
● Each reward crate in the ‘Prospero Burns’ event has at least 1 Thousand Sons card.
● Legion crates in the shop have at least 3 Thousand Sons cards, 1 of them rare of better.
● A constructed deck in the shop, with Phosis T’kar. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
● Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.
● Daily Mission crates for VIP subscribers include 1 Thousand Sons card during the ‘Prospero Burns’ event.

Phosis T’kar, Magister Templi of the Raptora

In addition to this awesome Legion being released, two new features are coming along:

Show your crates
Did you get 5 duplicates in a crate… and they were all Alpharius? Share it with your Lodge! A new button in the top left corner of the crate popup (after revealing all cards) will let you share your fortunes and misfortunes in the Lodge chat.

One-button deck copying
Keen to try one of the decks shared by your Lodge mates? A new ‘copy’ button will let you clone it so fast that even Fabius Bile will be impressed. You need to have the deck’s warlord in your Collection in order to use this feature. If you don’t own all the cards in the deck, you will get a partial copy and the chance to complete the deck with cards you own.

The Thousand Sons are now live. Let the tides of the Great Ocean guide you and go try them out!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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