Play as a gigantic Reaver Titan in a time-limited Event


“Cease your pointless resistance!”

Princeps of Mortmain, Reaver Titan, Legio Mortis

Pilot a Reaver Titan in the new Event, Cataclysm! For the first time, we are introducing Reaver titans in the game, complete with an array of devastating weapons. But beware, as the enemy Titans are just as deadly!

Behold a holy engine of war!

The dust hasn’t yet settled after one of the most momentous battles over the surface of Isstvan V. Soon after the Loyalist forces began their offensive, the Titans of Legio Atarus came face to face with the traitors of Legio Mortis, and all their cataclysmic force was released.

Reaver Titans come into play as a Warlord with two Titan Weapon units. Each has a powerful ability, from Gatling Blasters that can shoot multiple times to gigantic Chainfists to rip into another Titan’s armour like paper. Such powerful weapons must be protected, however, as destroying them will cause a Meltdown that will deal potentially massive damage to the Titan and adjacent troops.

Do you have what it takes to become one with the Machine-God and command a Reaver Titan? You can play the Titan’s special Event until March 14th. Don’t miss out, by the Omnissiah!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.