Titandeath event balance changes!


Life gets dismal without a good fight.

Princeps of Ithonian Lorga, Legio Vulpa

As Nuntio Dolores leads Legio Vulpa’s terrifying charge into Legio Solaria lines, the battle shifts and defenders react to the brute power of traitor assault. Plasma reactors burn hot and ammunition belts begin to run dry as the initial attack takes its toll.

Balance changes arrive! Most Titan weapons have received some changes, aimed at limiting their damage output. Check out the changes below!

● Laser Blasters (Warlord): Deal 1 damage twice, instead of 3 times
● Plasma cannon (Warlord): Increase ability cost to 3, and damage to target from 5 to 6
● Power Claw (Warlord): Receive Can’t Attack after attacking (instead of Stun), and gain ability to remove Can’t Attack for 2 Energy
● Volcano Cannon (Warlord & Reaver): Increase ability cost to 3
● Power Fist (Reaver): No longer Stuns enemy, only itself
● Laser Blaster (Reaver): Change description to ‘Deal 2 damage 3 times’ (instead of 3 damage 3 times)
● Overload (Warhound): Return to hand at the end of your turn, instead of immediately

Players who are already in the middle of a run will not be affected. Only new event runs will see the reviewed warlord.

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