New cards arrive for the neutral factions. Don’t miss the reveal videos!


No army is better than its warriors.

Lucretia Elunnirai

New neutral cards and missions!

It is often forgotten in the annals of history that the Horus Heresy was not only fought by the Legiones Astartes, titanic God-Engines or daemonic creatures, but by billions of humans on both sides of the conflict. The Imperial Army, Mechanicum and forces of Chaos, human and otherwise, fought their own immense battles, and supported the Legiones Astartes across many of their own conflicts.

The final wave of new content in the Titandeath expansion brings new cards for the Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos factions. Each of these factions will receive between 7 and 9 new cards, including legendary mission cards to provide powerful supporting abilities and victory conditions when certain requirements are met. 

These new cards will arrive to the game on July 15th.

Join the Premiere!

During this week from the 11th July to just before the release of the new cards on the 15st July, some of your favourite content creators will be unveiling numerous fourth wave cards. Make sure to follow them and stay tuned to their channels to learn everything about them before they enter the battlefield!

Monday 11th July

  • 2pm UTC by Vapix on Youtube.
  • 3pm UTC by SkuffD on Youtube.

Tuesday 12th July

Wednesday 13th July

  • 2pm UTC by Cain, streaming on Youtube.

Thursday 14th July

What’s next?

The new cards will become available in the game when the Shop changes on July 15th, at 9 am UTC.

A new draft event, Schism of Mars, will start that same day, at 11 am UTC, and allow players to try out many of the new cards in action, as the forces of Kelbor-Hal turn away from Terra and embrace the Warmaster.

The galaxy is set ablaze in the flames of Horus’ ambition and treachery strikes at the heart of the Imperium, who will you side with?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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