Strengthen your deck with powerful new neutral cards in the Titandeath expansion!


Loyalty is a dangerous word these days.

Lord Commander Thaddeus Fayle

With the last card reveal video going live, the final wave of the Titandeath Expansion is ready to be released. All three neutral factions will receive new content that will also be available for all factions to use in battle, including their own legendary mission cards! Will you attempt to become a Lord Marshal, summon the might of the Legio Cybernetica or instigate a Cultist revolt?

Take command of the 3 factions receiving new cards!

While millions of Legiones Astartes fought one another in some of the most brutal and infamous battles the galaxy has ever seen, many billions more belonging to the Imperial Army, forces of Chaos and the Mechanicum conducted most of the fighting across the ravaged Imperium.

The Imperial Army, split by the Warmaster’s ambition, fought on both sides of the conflict, with armies millions strong and regiments of mass-manufactured armoured vehicles. The Mechanicum, rent in two from the start of the Horus Heresy, saw its Forge Worlds and Tech-Priests side with different sides of the conflict and pursue their own secretive agendas. The forces of Chaos, myriad in their forms, sided with the Warmaster and sought to spread confusion and despair wherever they went, according to the capricious whims of their Gods.

Titandeath expansion missions for Imperial Army, Mechanicum and Chaos

The three new missions!

  • Imperial Army – Solar Pattern: Deploy and maintain a strong Solar Auxilia presence on the board to gain access to the powerful Lord Marshal reward.
  • Mechanicum – Machine Spirit: Keep up the pressure on your enemies with your vehicles to unlock the deadly Legio Cybernetica reward.
  • Chaos – Sacrificial Pawn: Martyr your Cultists in the name of the Dark Gods against your foes and instigate a full rebellion with the Cultist Uprising reward!
Titandeath expansion crates

How to collect the new cards

  • ‘Titandeath’ crates in the shop include these new neutral cards as well as the Loyalist and Traitor Legios and the other cards released as part of the Titandeath expansion. Each crate contains 5 cards from the Titandeath expansion, with at least 1 of them being rare or better.
  • A special deck in the shop, with Kelbor-Hal as warlord, an exclusive collector’s card back, the legendary Machine Spirit mission card and several other newly released cards. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
  • Each reward crate in the ‘Schism of Mars’ event has at least 1 Titandeath card.
  • individual cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.
  • VIP subscribers will find 1 guaranteed Titandeath card in their Daily Mission crate during the ‘Schism of Mars’ event.

Check out the reveal playlist!

Throughout the week, several of your favourite content creators have released videos focusing on the new reveals coming tomorrow. Be sure to check them out and prepare yourself!

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