The Fall to Chaos of the Traitor Legions: Part 3


I am the Warmaster.

Horus Lupercal, Warmaster of Chaos

Last but not least in our series covering the traitor Legions, the Sons of Horus, Death Guard and World Eaters take center stage. Alongside the Emperor’s Children, these three Legions were the first to officially declare rebellion from the Imperium, and instigated the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V, and the murder of their fellow brothers on Isstvan III.

Through the Heresy, each played pivotal roles in major battles, culminating in the Siege of Terra itself. After the Iron Warriors withdrawal from Terra, Horus placed Mortarion in overall command, while he waited in orbit for the moment to strike, as Angron and his horde of butchers killed their way through the once mighty Imperial Palace.

This chase has gone on long enough.

Tybalt Marr, Captain
The Sixteenth Legion, Sons of Horus

The Sons of Horus, formerly known as the Luna Wolves, were the Legion of the Warmaster himself. Given the best weaponry and armour available, they were pioneers of many Legion tactics, from decapitation strikes, to Terminator massed shock assaults. It was no surprise they were regarded as the deadliest Legion in the Imperium’s arsenal.

Yet their arrogance and hubris would be their downfall, as Horus became corrupted by the Chaos Gods, and the vast majority, bar several staunch loyalists such as Captains Loken, Torgaddon and Qruze, fell to the Ruinous Powers. They orchestrated the massacres at Isstvan III and V, as well as taking part in many of the Horus Heresy’s most devastating wars. Taint had spread through the Legion in the form of the Warrior Lodges, propagated by the Dark Apostle, Erebus of the Word Bearers. Daemons and marks of chaos were everywhere within the Legion, and by the time of the Siege of Terra, the Sons of Horus were well and truly damned.

Tybalt Marr, the new warlord released as part of the Galaxy in Flames expansion focused on their turn to Chaos, as well as several of their new cards making it far easier for the chosen of the gods to ascend to daemonhood. Their mission rewards the player for marking their troops, giving a devastatingly powerful reward to the Sons of Horus for their submission to the Dark Gods.

Will you try your hand with their new warlord and mission, and show everyone that the power of the warp is at your command?

Muster for Lupercal, for the time is now to strike down the False-Emperor!

Where is your Emperor now?

Dreagher, Captain
The Twelfth Legion, World Eaters

Originally named the War Hounds, they were known for their shock assault and bloody minded tactics, sent in to exterminate and make an example of, rather than bring to peaceful compliance. The discovery of Angron and the renaming of the Legion into the World Eaters only exacerbated this method of war. Angron insisted the Butcher’s Nails, crude psycho-augmetic implants, be given to each of his warriors, turning them into frothing berserkers.

Their fall to Chaos was hardly surprising. After participating in the Isstvan atrocities, the bulk of the World Eaters descended on Ultramar, alongside the Word Bearers, to wreak havoc on Guilliman’s realms. There, on the world of Nuceria where Angron had risen to adulthood, a mighty ritual was enacted in which the World Eaters were bound to Khorne, the god of War and Battle, and Angron ascended to daemonhood, forever condemning the Legion to seek eternal bloodshed.

Captain Dreagher, the man who gave the World Eaters their name, arrives to bolster their front line forces. Angron and Kharn butcher their way across Terra with no care for the Legion, so Dreagher steps in. With his new ability to buff World Eaters, he is a potent force multiplier.

With the arrival of new cards that appear detrimental to the World Eaters, but provide them with potent new strategies, alongside their Chosen of Khorne mission and the bloodthirsty rewards it grants, Angron’s Legion is a devastating force to go up against on the battlefield.

Are you capable of leading the Eaters of Worlds into battle, or will you succumb to the Nails?

The past is behind us. It isn’t coming back.

Caipha Morarg, Equery to Mortarion
The Fourteenth Legion, Death Guard

Known for their resilience in the face of the most inhospitable battlefields, the Death Guard, named as such by Mortarion on his rediscovery upon the toxic death world of Barbarus, were a devastating foe to fight in a direct confrontation.

A bitter and jealous soul, Mortarion’s fall to Chaos was one made from his loyalty to Horus over the Emperor, yet Nurgle, the God of Decay, had set his putrid sights upon the Death Guard. Typhon, a long time conspirator and follower of Chaos, began to twist the Legion into what they would soon become.

Killing the fleet’s Navigators during warp transit, he placed an impossible choice upon his Primarch. The death of the Legion at the hands of the warp’s tides, or to save his sons by pledging his service to Nurgle. When the Death Guard emerged from the warp above Terra, they had embraced death and decay, and become Plague Marines, embodying their staunch resilience and utter refusal to perish.

Fortitude, poison and strength were watchwords of the Death Guard, and as the sickness of Nurgle spread through the Legion, they were rewarded for their service. Caipha Morarg, equerry to Mortarion, leads the charge to the Imperial Palace, along with their new troops in the form of toxic speeders, and various powerful boons of their God.

The new mission, Chosen of Nurgle, rewards the Death Guard for maintaining a core of poisonous troops with an immense boost to their attack and health, representing their ascended, plague-ridden forms.

Try them out and see what you can uncover in the Galaxy in Flames crates now in the store!

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