The fall to Chaos of the Traitor Legions: Part 1


We do not need to be mighty when we are faced with weakness.

Sons of Horus Axiom

Many changes were wrought amongst the Legiones Astartes over the course of the Horus Heresy, none moreso than the Traitor Legions themselves. In this, we take a look into what caused these changes, as well as the effect it had upon the gameplay of the Legion itself.

Below, we discuss a brief history of the Legion, and touch on the new mechanics, lore and units of them. If you haven’t yet had the chance to test out the new units and warlords, try out the event and lead your chosen Legion to glory!

Listen to the cacophony of war!

Marius Vairosean, Captain of the Emperor’s Children
The Third Legion, Emperor’s Children

During the Great Crusade, many honours were given to the Emperor’s Children, named aptly after an immense sacrifice to protect the life of the Emperor, which made their fall all the more tragic. Shortly before the Heresy began, Fulgrim and his sons waged war upon the Laer, opening the door to genetic experiments and xenos influence. The Primarch fell under the corrupting touch of the Laer Blade, and allowed the Chaos god Slaanesh into their ranks. Excess soon became an imperative for the Emperor’s Children, and pain and suffering accompanied them wherever they went. During the Siege of Terra, while other traitor Legions attacked the Imperial Palace, the Emperor’s Children embarked instead of a spree of terror among the civilian population of Terra

The new cards released for the Emperor’s Children in the Galaxy in Flames expansion capture the corruption of the III Legion by the time the battle reaches Terra. Their new mission, Chosen of Slaanesh, is fulfilled when your Astartes take damage in combat. Rewarding them with gifts of Chaos for each wound they take, the III Legion becomes stronger through pain. With new tactics that exemplify their fall to torture and experimentation, and powerful units like the Phoenix Guard leading them, will you fall to the wiles of Slaanesh and lead the fallen Emperor’s Children to battle? 

Tell them ruin has come to their world, death, despair and red war.

Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors
The Fourth Legion, Iron Warriors

From their moment of inception, the IV Legion was known as stubborn and tenacious. Used in the early years of the Great Crusade as a workhorse Legion to fight the inglorious, but vital campaigns, the war record did not impress Perturabo when he was recovered from the world of Olympia. His first act was to order decimation, the death of one in every ten warriors in the Legion, performed by their own battle-brothers. He reforged them into the Iron Warriors, and would brook no weakness or failure. With him, the primarch brought forth the Legion’s expertise of siege and armoured warfare, and let that be the crux of their infamy.

With the release of the second wave of the Galaxy in Flames expansion, the Iron Warriors received new troops to bolster their ranks, from the famed Dodekatheon adepts, to siege terminators and new artillery pieces. Their mission, loading their unique mechanic, siege several times, would result in a powerful new card which would refill their hand with heavily discounted cards, exemplifying how the Iron Warriors were quick to establish dedicated supply lines when engaged in their favoured form of brutal battle. Create a deck around their new mission, and lay siege to the walls of the Imperial Palace itself!

The minds of gods are not for mortals to know or judge.

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons
The Fifteenth Legion, Thousand Sons

Drawn up from the Achaemenid Empire, who had supported the Emperor during his conquest for Unification, the XV Legion’s recruitment was simple and without issue. Chosen specifically by the Emperor, the Legion was composed of many psychically gifted individuals. As the Great Crusade spread through the galaxy, the Thousand Sons were wracked by the Flesh Change. Their psychic powers spiralled out of control, and changed them into little more than monsters. It was only the discovery of Magnus the Red that averted their annihilation. Training his remaining sons, and bolstering their ranks with fresh recruits, the Legion became the premier psykers of the Legiones Astartes, founding the Librarium cohort alongside the Blood Angels and White Scars. Whilst taking part in the Siege, Magnus sought ways to break the psychic shield surrounding the palace, leading his sons in many battles to weaken the barrier.

This focus on psychic mastery is highlighted in their new mission card, Chosen of Tzeentch. Known as the god of sorcery, it was only right their fall would be to the Changer of Ways. Generating psychic energy from their troops will enable their warlord to unleash the full power of the warp upon their enemy, becoming a psyker of near infinite power, and generating powers at the start of every turn. Creating a deck around this mission will enable a player to truly become a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons, and lay waste to all of their foes.