The fall to Chaos of the Traitor Legions: Part 2


Witness the will of the gods!

Kor Phaeron, Keeper of the Faith

Next in our series covering the Legiones Astartes come the Word Bearers, Night Lords and Alpha Legion. All present during the Dropsite Massacre, they were the knives in the backs of the Salamanders, Iron Hands and Raven Guard, meant to reinforce them, but turning instead their guns upon their kin.

Continuing to wage their own wars, be it in Thramas, Ultramar or throughout the galaxy, the aforementioned Legions evolved and changed over the Heresy, and we will be touching on that, and some of their new cards and troops, in the below.

Should you really trust those beside you?

Sheed Ranko, Captain
The Twentieth Legion, Alpha Legion

Kept hidden by the Emperor at the dawn of the Imperium, the XX Legion became linked and known for targeted strikes, abductions and assassinations, and in some cases, masquerading as other Legions to accomplish their goals.

None were truly surprised when the Alpha Legion joined the Warmaster, yet their fall will always be surrounded in secrecy. Employing hidden operatives, traps and subterfuge, the XX Legion wreaked havoc on loyalist forces through infiltration of their ranks, and psychological attacks to confuse and trick their foe.

Their penchant for this type of warfare is translated in game to the Sons of the Hydra mission, in which the opponent is at a stage of such confusion, that they dare, or cannot, attack the Alpha Legion, for fear of falling into a trap. New troops and operatives emerge from the shadows to assist in the downfall of the loyalists, and the Insidious Mastermind reward for completing the mission, automatically depositing traps into the enemies deck, will both confuse and terrify your opponent.

Take to the shadows and force the enemy to play a deadly game of your own devising with the new Alpha Legion cards.

Try out the new event Warlord, Sheed Ranko, Captain of the Lernaeans, for the Alpha Legion. Specializing in utilizing operatives that hinder your opponent, you will be able to create devastating synergies with the new Alpha Legion mission, Sons of the Hydra.

This is the beginning of wisdom.

Kor Phaeron, Keeper of the Faith
The Seventeenth Legion, Word Bearers

Originally named the Imperial Heralds, or Iconoclasts by some, the XVII Legion were a force to destroy entire cultures and religions. Using cold hatred mixed with zealotry, this focus only grew stronger when they discovered their Primarch, Lorgar, on the world of Colchis. Their fanaticism grew and found a new focus, proclaiming the Emperor a God.

At Monarchia, the Emperor obliterated a city of worship the Word Bearers had built in his name. Scorned by his father, Lorgar took to finding new Gods that would be worthy of his, and his sons’ praise. The first of the fallen, the Word Bearers are directly responsible for the fall of the other traitor Legions, and were the most devout of the Chaos Gods’ worshippers.

Utilizing their new mission, Chosen of the Gods, and sacrificing several of their troops to the benefit of others, the Word Bearers weaken the boundaries between reality and the warp, allowing a lesser daemon to manifest on their troop every turn, with the Voice of Truth reward card.

With new troops and tactics to make sacrificial offerings even easier, the Word Bearers impact the battlefield in a way that represents their fanatical devotion to the warp. Will you sing the praise of the Dark Gods and build a deck to take advantage of their newfound cards?

Try their new cards out in the current event. Lead by the deadly Mutant Astartes, the Word Bearers can deal out immense amounts of damage with both the Sacrifice mechanic, and their new troops and tactics!

Is that bravery or tactical cowardice?

Kheron Ophion, Captain
The Eighth Legion, Night Lords

Recruited from the foulest of prisons upon Terra, the VIII Legion was soaked in blood and darkness from their birth. Paired with gene-seed that enhanced their vision in the dark, they were made to be one with the night.

Taking the name Night Lords on recovery of their Primarch, Konrad Curze, they left a trail of terror and mutilation where ever they went. Using fear as a weapon unlike any other legion, entire systems bowed to the Night Haunter rather than face the VIII in battle. At Isstvan, the Night Lords proved that even the Legiones Astartes could feel terror, as they turned on their once brothers, and so began their descend into madness and debased butchery.

Building on their Terror mechanic, the Night Lords have received the Lords of the Night mission, and King of Terrors reward. Destroying enemy troops with Terror multiple times granted the same ability on your Warlord, and a potent negative modifier on your foes, paralysing them before the onslaught of the Night Lords troops.

Receiving new troops to increase the attack of cards you put into play, like the feared Captain Anunik, or paths to Borrowed Power that are both a potent boost, and significant danger to your Warlord, the Night Lords have multiple ways to embrace their legacy as progeny of the Night Haunter.

Take to the new event and become one with the darkness, creating new decks to terrify your foes. Try out the event-exclusive warlord Kheron Ophion, along with the new Night Lords troops and tactics. How quickly can you become the King of Terrors with their new mission, and dominate your enemies into submission with your Terror troops?

One never expects what’s hidden in plain sight.

Sheed Ranko, Captain

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