Warhammer SKULLS Update: Blood for the Blood God!


“Sanguis Extremis!”

– Kargos the ‘Bloodspitter’

Sharpen your axes and ready your bolters, the time for the harvest of skulls is here! Prepare to sate Khorne’s thirst for blood and earn his favour with a trove of new and returning deals and content coming into the game on Thursday, May 25th 2023. Are you ready to please the master of carnage and fight for his bloodstained glory? Keep reading and find out everything that’s making its way into the game!

Get Angron with a new DLC deal

Become an avatar of unbridled carnage with a new DLC featuring Angron in his bloodstained glory! Gather the bloodthirsty World Eaters before commanding them into battle with the Angron SKULLS DLC bundle, which includes:

  • A Legendary Warlord: Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters
  • 12 World Eaters crates: each crate contains 5 cards. At least 3 of them will be World Eater cards, including a rare or better one
  • An exclusive premium Angron avatar cosmetic: customize your profile and become the incarnation of pure rage
  • 5 event entry tickets: take part in events to unlock amazing new content into the game and complete your collection!

Don’t miss your chance to get a big boost to your collection and honour Khorne with unbridled fury. Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!

New World Eater Battle Pass

The start of Warhammer SKULLS also marks the start of a new Battle Pass! Enter the arena and fight to unlock exclusive content themed around the World Eaters and their gladiatorial fights aboard The Conqueror, the Legion’s flagship. As always, the new Battle Pass will be available to all players for free. A Premium Pass optional purchase will also be available for those who want to take the bloodfest to a whole new level and make the most out of their Battle Pass. Purchasing a Premium Pass will unlock an additional reward track, filled with exclusive cosmetics and amazing rewards such as legendary cards.

Any player who makes blood flow until reaching the end of the Battle Pass reward track will unlock an exclusive seasonal card back and, if they have the Premium Pass, an amazing new alternate art for one of the latest Warlords to join the game: Kargos the ‘Bloodspitter’, one of the most iconic World Eaters to step into the World Eaters gladiatorial arenas!

Collect the champions of Khorne

To celebrate Warhammer SKULLS, a number of premium offers will be making their way back into the game for a very limited time. Starting on Saturday 27th, a new premium deal will be featured in the game every two days until Thursday, giving you access to a host of bloodthirsty warlords ready to collect the skulls of their enemies!

Prove yourself in the new raid event’s arenas!

Enter The Conqueror’s fighting pits and fight to unlock new in-game content! The World Eaters have invited some of the deadliest warriors in the Galaxy to take part in a fight for the ages inside their gladiatorial arenas, and you are one of them! Choose your fighter and tint the arenas with the blood of your enemies in the new event. Every victory in this event will yield skulls that are added to a global tally. Once this tally reaches a certain threshold, Khorne will reward his servants by unlocking brutal new content into the game!

If the thrill of gladiatorial combat isn’t enough for you and you want to know how Khorne may reward its most loyal warriors, take a look at what new content will make its way into the game after players reach the skull threshold:

  • At 500.000 skulls will unlock a new Premium Daemon Angron cosmetic to customize your profile with.
  • At 1.000.000 skulls, the World Eaters will unlock Gladiatorial Pits, a new faction epic card, for their faction collection! The remaining Shadows of the Warmaster factions will also be getting a new card in future events.
  • And at 3.000.000 skulls, a new legendary Warlord who you’ve just seen will join the fray as a collectable Warlord. The one and only…

New Warlord: Infernus Abomination

The terrifying Infernus Abomination is joining the fight in the arena as an event-exclusive Warlord. However, if the fighters give a blood-soaked display worthy of Khorne himself in the arenas and reach the final milestone of the raid event, this Chaos assassin will make its way into the game as a collectable Warlord too!

More of a living weapon than anything, the Infernus Abomination of the Cults Abominatio is a shapeshifting horror of Chaos that has mastered the use of its transmutative armaments to adapt and slay any enemy in its path.

Warpforge demo

The glory of combat is not reserved only for the age of the Horus Heresy. Join the many battlefields of the Galaxy in a new preview demo of Warhammer 40.000: Warpforge, with Hive Fleet Leviathan’s Tyranids swarming into the fray!

Choose your faction and command the armies of the far future into battle in Warpforge’s new open demo period running from Thursday, May 25th until next Thursday, June 1st. Will you become part of Leviathan’s swarm, or fight against The Great Devourer as any of the remaining five factions?

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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