Play as a Warlord-class Titan!


“We are the avatars of the God-Engine.”

Princeps of Sleepless Watcher, Legio Xestobiax

The Censure Host thought their initial bombardment of Prospero had obliterated the Zhao Arkhad’s Forge-fane and the Legio Xestobiax Titan vaults. They were wrong, and the Legio Mortis would pay dearly for that mistake.

The current event, Cleansing Inferno, covers the tale of the surprise attack by the Legio Xestobiax on the Legio Mortis, the turning of the battle by the Psi Titans guaranteeing victory for the Censure Host, and the maddening destruction caused by a Red Sorcerer resurrecting a Warlord Titan using the powers of the Warp.

Play as a Titan!
You can take control once again of Reaver Titans on both sides, the Censure Host and the Defenders of Prospero. Or step up to the challenge and take control of Warlord Class Titans, packing twice as many Titan Weapons as the Reavers. Become a Princeps and master your Energy management to charge your Void Shields, load and shoot Titan Weapons and deploy troops!

Each side has a unique take on the powerful and secretive Psi Titan: the Censure Hosts brings a Warlord Sinister with an incredibly powerful Tenebrae weapon. The Defenders of Tizca have Canis Vertex, a fallen Warlord Titan possessed by the mad Red Sorcerer Kalophis of the Pyrae Cult.

Can you tame the Machine Spirit of these sacred God-Engines? Play now and find out!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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