The Word Bearers set course for Calth


I hear the music of eternity.

Lorgar Aurelian, Primarch of the Word Bearers, XVII Legion

The Horus Heresy: Legions begins its fourth major content expansion, The Battle of Calth. The Word Bearers march to battle first. Are you ready to become a weapon of the Ruinous Powers?

New Legion: Word Bearers
Imbued by unshakeable faith in the Ruinous Powers, the XVII Legion has desecrated the Emperor’s great design and allowed Daemons to possess their Space Marines. As they march for Calth, millions of fanatic cultists follow them to die fighting for their masters in battle or to become sacrifices for their unholy rituals.

New Event: ‘The First Heretic’
Return to Isstvan V and betray your former brothers during their misguided assault against Horus. The Word Bearers unleash their recent warp-tainted forces on the Raven Guard, When Corax begins slaughtering them, Lorgar steps in to save them.

Three collectable Warlords lead the masses of believers and warriors against the forces of the False Emperor:

● Argel Tal: Lord of the Gal Vorbak, and host of the Daemon Raum, who possessed him during his pilgrimage into the Eye of Terror. Embittered by the horrors of the warp, he nonetheless serves the holy purpose of the Chaos gods.
● Erebus: The self-proclaimed Hand of Destiny and architect of the Horus Heresy. A worshiper of Chaos whose power and dark knowledge has grown so large he can summon Daemons into realspace… if enough blood is spilled.
● Lorgar Aurelian: The Primarch of the XVII Legion believed the Emperor to be a god once, and was punished for it. Now he comes back, transfigured by the Primordial Truth and gifted by the Ruinous Powers with a new faith.

Argel Tal, the first Gal Vorbak

New Trait: Daemonhost
Troops bearing this trait receive a random buff out of a selection of five and add ‘Daemon’ to their unit type, becoming a hybrid troop– for better and for worse. Daemonhost buffs stack just like Marks of Chaos but, after receiving all five, your unit will get a unique 6th buff that makes it stronger with every further Daemonhost stack.

Speaking of traits, Cleave and Sacrifice now have new icons!

How to Get Word Bearers Cards
You can collect the XVII Legion’s cards in several ways:
● Each reward crate in the ‘The First Heretic’ event has at least 1 Word Bearers card.
● Word Bearers crates in the shop have at least 3 Word Bearers cards, 1 of them rare of better.
● A constructed deck in the shop, with Argel Tal as warlord and an exclusive card back. Any duplicates you receive are converted into gems.
● Cards for sale with gems in the Daily Shop.

The Word Bearers are now live. May the Primordial Truth reign supreme!

The Horus Heresy: Legions is available on Steam, iOS and Android.

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